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Suspect Device (published 25/10/2008)

Trailer for Incendiary, adapted from the Chris Cleave (contributor to 3:AM London, New York, Paris) novel.

The Missing Links (published 24/10/2008)

2969551720_701a52fe1b_m.jpgThe Serpentine’s Manifesto Marathon 2008. * Bad Idea magazine have launched a new blog and will now be holding a monthly event in London (starting on 30th October) called the Butcher’s Shop. * Joe Stretch in City Life: “Human beings are shit. Aren’t they though? They’re shit. Facebook is not the lie, that’s the lie — that human beings are at all interesting.” * Gerry Feehily on Houellebecq/BHL: “Solitude and modesty are key words. No-one, as far as I know, begrudges the retiring Leclezio his Nobel, while busy BHL and Houellebecq are two public enemies who not only make the hype, they believe it too”. * When Maupassant met Swinburne: “Goncourt deliberately drew on Maupassant’s description of Swinburne and Powell when writing his novel La Faustin (1882), in which an 18th-century English sadist called George Selwyn not only displays many of Swinburne’s mannerisms, but also happens to retire to a cottage on the coast called Chaumière de Dolmancé. However, all of Maupassant’s versions, despite their dwelling on perversity, are underpinned by deep admiration for the duo: for their literary and artistic passion, their rejection of bourgeois living, their recklessness and bravado.” * Graham Vickers on Lolita. * Bob Geldof and Margaret Thatcher hook up at poetry event! * On Warhol‘s Polaroids: “In these Polaroids, the stars, famous as they are, look miscast in their own lives” (plus Warhol at the Hayward). * The return of Liquid Liquid: “There was always some intellectualising going on, mostly about what we didn’t want to sound like”. * Billy Childish in the Sunday Times: “The poet laureate, Andrew Motion, said of Childish: ‘He looks like he’s having more fun being a poet than I am'”. * Steampunk goes overground. * Ray Lowry is no more. * The Long Blondes R.I.P. * Iain Sinclair vs Hackney. * On the British Library’s The Spoken Word CD: “…One of the most poignant recordings is Joe Orton, a week before he was murdered by his lover Kenneth Halliwell. He explains he has done well out of Loot but wants to save his money ‘because I shan’t always be young and I don’t want to do anything grand with it, because there’s nothing I particularly want to do, but I would like to sort of put it away so that when I’m not writing any more … I shall be able to go away and do something else.’ He adds: ‘I only have so much inspiration. I think any playwright does. It’s like a boxer, a really good playwright’s career is quite short. A boxer’s career is usually 10 years and then they start to get punchy, which I think playwrights do as well. Shakespeare’s career was pretty short … probably 15 years. And he wrote some pretty rum plays at the beginning of his life. I hope I’ve never written anything as bad as the early Shakespeares.'” * Hideo Okuda reviewed by 3:AM‘s Steve Finbow. * Joseph Ridgwell interviewed by sundry girl bands. * You can read Jason Michel‘s Confessions of a Black Dog for free. * More stuff about Baader-Meinhof. * Babes with books! * The TLS on the Alasdair Gray biography: “‘Be my Boswell!’ he shouted, dancing a jig around the room and raising a finger to the heavens. ‘Tell the world of my genius!'”.

Mourn the apathetic (published 23/10/2008)


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We Are Still All Prostitutes (published 18/10/2008)

Trailer for ON/OFF: Mark Stewart – from the Pop Group to the Maffia by Tøni Schifer. The DVD will be released by Monitorpop in 2009.