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Sexton Blakes! (published 19/01/2009)


Stewart Home reviews the International Necronautical Society‘s authentically inauthentic Tate Declaration on Inauthenticity:

…For their 17 January shindig, the INS hired actors to play General Secretary Tom ‘Thunderbird’ McCarthy and Chief Philosopher Simon ‘Hip Hugger’ Critchley. The event sold out well in advance because a sensation hungry public were under the entirely false impression that they would be personally addressed by this notorious pair of lobster loving nude chefs. Despite Radio 4 (Today programme, 29 December 2008) making the outrageous claim that McCarthy is widely recognised as a best-selling novelist, the majority of those present appeared blissfully unaware of the fact that the thespians pretending to be the notorious INS nude chefs were Sexton Blakes!…

Our Friends in the North (published 16/01/2009)


there’s no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them is a monthly readings night in Manchester. The next one on January 27 includes such luminaries as M.J. Hyland, Richard Milward, Steven Hall, Blake Butler (video reading) and Chris Killen. It also serves as the official launch of Killen’s The Bird Room, out this month through Canongate and shortly to be reviewed at 3:AM.

Degeneration X (published 14/01/2009)


Andrew Gallix‘s piece on Tony O’Neill in the latest Flux.