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ampere’s and (published 30/09/2009)


Today’s quick lit [& alt.cult] links from around the web:

& The View from Here interview Brad Listi

& A ribbon of language, Blake Butler & Michael Kimball talk about acoustics

& Tom Waits to release Glitter & Doom Live album

& Beast Books, a spin-off from The Daily Beast (via @selfpubreview)

& Lo-fi revisited

& The BeatlesLucy in the Sky dies

& Hyperkinetic, high velocity tales from the inner city & a mix album for the book

& The Smart Set on Norman Mailer‘s Naked & the Dead

& A third installment for Haruki Murakami‘s 1Q84

& Samuel Beckett‘s doodles (via Rhys Tranter’s A Piece of Monologue, a blog you should all be reading)

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3:AM Top 5: Evie Wyld (published )


Evie Wyld is the author of After the Fire, A Still Small Voice, described as “stunningly good”, a “superb first novel” and “beautifully moody”. To celebrate the success of the book – and a spanking new website – here are five books that in some way influenced Evie:

1. Bits of Me are Falling ApartWilliam Leith
Lonely and funny.

2. Terra Nullius: A Journey Through No One’s LandSven Lindqvist & Sarah Death Non-fiction about the landscape of Australia and the people who live in it.

3. In the Winter DarkTim Winton
A brilliant horror story.

4. The Quiet AmericanGraham Greene
The only fiction I read about Vietnam.

5. Exit WoundsRutu Modan
Graphic fiction about difficult relationships made more difficult by old family problems.

A Mentor’s Mentor (published 29/09/2009)


John Burns R.I.P.

i never know you can be so single (published )


work by Will Ashon will be released by 3:AM Press in 2010.

i a spirit not-dead-not-alive

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3:AM Eternal (published )


After an initial call for contributions some ten months ago, Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture has now launched. The first edition of Dancecult, a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC), is now live, with downloadable PDFs accessible here.

ampere’s and (published )


Today’s quick lit [& alt.cult] links from around the web:

What does your bookcase says about you?

& the 50 best paperbacks of 2009

& the London book trade, a photographic exhibition documenting the “esoteric world of dealers of rare and antique books”

& The Line of Best Fit on Nick Cave & Warren EllisWhite Lunar

& Vegetables for genitals bookcovers

& the art of Fontana Modern Masters

& vintage Esquire covers, 1953-1961

& [Leah] Moore & [John] Reppion go down the rabbit hole

& Algorithm & blues, a comic book about the quest for logical certainty in mathematics

& J’accuse, Adam Gopnik revisits the Dreyfus Affair

[Image: Leo Reynolds]

Intermission (published )

Courtesy of Darran Anderson’s Flotsam & Jetsam:

Tower Block Time Lapse, Sheffield. More here.

ampere’s and (published 28/09/2009)


Today’s quick lit [& alt.cult] links from around the web:

Conversational Reading’s list of contemporary English-language authors to read

& The 25 most influential books in world literature

& Nabokov edits Kafka’s Metamorphosis (via HTMLGIANT)

& Download an audio version of Tim Hall‘s Full of It for free (a small donation gets Tim to read a chapter over the phone to you)

& Jonathan Ames is still Bored to Death

& Five Dials 8 [PDF], the Paris issue featuring Camus, Capote, Geoff Dyer & Joe Dunthorne

& Happy 10th birthday Tindal Street Press

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