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3:AM Presents (published 27/05/2010)


For the first of the Maintenant interview series readings, this Saturday 3:AM Magazine presents three of the most exciting and acerbic contemporary poets emerging from Romania since the millenium; Elena Vladareanu, Ruxandra Novac and Adrian Urmanov.

Challenging, caustic and resolute, their poetry retains the dark humour so prevalent under dictatorship with the utterly modern vernacular of a generation that has come to fruition post-1989. Performing as part of a national tour, this is a chance to see the brightest young talent from a distinct and vivid European poetical tradition.

To celebrate the reading, the Red Ceilings press has released a ebook sampler anthology featuring all three poets, which can be viewed here.

The Rich Mix arts centre, London (Shoreditch / Brick Lane)

Saturday May 29th – 7pm
Entrance free to all.

Wouldn’t a wonderful thing… be good? (published )


3:AM favourite Paul O’Connell, the writer and graphic artist behind The Sound of Drowning and World of Lil, will be appearing at the London Zine Symposium this Saturday (29th May).

The event is a celebration of “zines, comix, art & radical culture,” features a variety of stalls and workshops and will end with a grand finale in which Mr O’Connell is burnt in a giant wickerman by The Muppets. *

For a full list of participants and events, check the listings.

The Rag Factory, Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

(off Brick Lane, about 400m south of Rough Trade and the Truman Brewery).

Station: Liverpool Street Station
Tube: Aldgate East
Bus: 205, 25, 254, 67, 15


Free entry.

* This, sadly, will not happen.

Must Have Own PC (published )


3:AM is offering a ‘virtual’ internship (aren’t they all these days?) based around a music-orientated publishing project. Applicants must have regular access to a computer and MS Word, not to mention reliability (a sense of humour wouldn’t go amiss either). Preferably London-based, in case of meetings. For this we can offer references and CV credit. Hit us up here if you’re interested, citing a few details.

Stella Nova (published 25/05/2010)

3:AM is saddened to bring you news of Steve New‘s death.

He passed away peacefully yesterday at Euston UCH, surrounded by family and friends and listening to Bach. Steve, who was 50, had battled with cancer since 2006, which did not prevent him from recording three albums’ worth of material. He played his final gig at Islington Academy with Beastellabeast and the Rich Kids in January 2010.

ampere’s and (published 24/05/2010)


This week’s visuals:

On Billy Childish‘s, L-13, 2009, inspired by the writings of D.H. Lawrence & an homage to Penguin

& An exhibition of Anna Kavan’s paintings [via @harikunzru]

& Bad Cover Version, Stuart Evers on why jackets are being stifled by supermarkets

& Ellis Nadler‘s Cards of Wu, a never-ending series of woodcuts in the form of divination cards

& A collection of illustrations through the years of Oscar Wilde‘s Dorian Gray [via @thebookslut]

& Art of McSweeney’s, a “coffee-table retrospective of 12 years of McSweeneys, told issue-by-issue & book-by-book”

& F. Scott Fitzpattern

& recto|verso, a rare books blog [via A Journey Round My Skull]

& Milton Glaser in Print magazine

& Penguin Central European Classics [via @danwagstaff]

[Image: Turn-of-the-century Viennese children’s book illustrations]

3:AM Reloaded (published 23/05/2010)


What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently:

Flash fiction: ‘Welcome to Our Flat Share’ by Alan McCormick & Jonny Voss

Comic Strip: A Day in the Life of Spencer McCormick 4′

Poetry: In the fourteenth of his Maintenant series, SJ Fowler interviews the Dutch poet Jan-Willem Anker:

Because I write in Dutch I mostly read Dutch poets, or foreign poetry in translation. You would expect more influence from abroad to be honest. Contemporary French and German poetry have almost no influence on Dutch poetry, since even intellectuals aren’t very good in French any more. And I don’t know any young poet who knows anything about contemporary German poetry. I spent some time in Berlin last year, and I used to work for an international poetry festival in Rotterdam, so I have a vague idea about what is going on in Germany today. Of course people read the older stuff. But I suppose that’s the same in Great Britain.

A lot of Dutch people think they’re good in English when they’re not. I understand that English people are impressed by how easy it is to communicate in the Netherlands, but don’t be fooled. It’s pidgin the Dutch speak, not English. To give you a rather sad and extreme example of how things can go wrong. Seamus Heaney’s District and Circle was translated recently by a young Dutch poet. Some time ago the publishing house decided to take the book out of circulation (no pun intended), because the translation was trashed by critics and colleague translators for being inaccurate and so on. I feel sorry for the guy who translated Heaney’s book. But it shows how hard it is to get a grip on poetry that was written in another country, and in another language.

‘Five Poems’ by Jan-Willem Anker

Offbeat a-Go-Go (published 22/05/2010)

On sale here.