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The Missing Links (published 26/10/2010)


…and what will be left of them? * Thomas Edison and Henry Ford go camping (via). * Mark E. Smith’s guide to writing. * Tom McCarthy: bad on moths, bad on the causes of moths! * Is Tom McCarthy a modernist writer? * Tom McCarthy in conversation with Michael Silverblatt. * Art-school novelists. * The INS Shanghai Declaration on Inauthenticity. * An unpublished story by Anthony Burgess. * Tao Lin, says the LRB, “has been included in a loose collection of writers one critic has called the ‘Offbeat Generation’. * Experimental Women in Flux (at MomA) curated by Sheelagh Bevan (Richard Hell‘s wife). * 42 albums by Television / Richard Hell. * 13 most beautiful songs for Warhol’s Screen Tests. * Cars video directed by Warhol. * This body will become a corpse. * Great new issue of failbetter, including an interview with Ben Greenman. * Plugged-in literature. * Britain’s new quality daily. * Top 10 drunk American writers. * The ten commandments of punk guitar. * 20 essential postmodern novels. * Favourite fonts. * Great early David Bowie pictures. * Tony O’Neill‘s Sick City makes a cameo in this video. * Ellis Sharp goes for a walk with Cathi Unsworth. * Larry Clark in Paris. See pictures from the exhibition here. * Nouvelle vague. * Bilingualism is good for the brain. * La comptabilité vue par les romanciers. * John King on Mario Vargas Llosa. * Jonathan Franzen‘s favourite books. * William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Conrad Rooks (movie). * A silent charity single. More here. * Still Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. * More Mad Men. * What happened to essential books? * This is not a blog post. * Alasdair Gray on his artwork. * T-shirts of vintage book covers. * Zoe Howe‘s tribute to Ari Up. * The Slits at the Vortex (1977). * A review of Owen Hatherley‘s Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain. More from Hatherley here. * A handwriting font-creator. * “With you I can imagine a place where to be phosphate of calcium is enough”John Berger. * Mark Fisher on the Great Bullingdon Club Swindle. * Jim Carroll reading from The Basketball Diaries. * Martin Amis on Philip Larkin’s women. * Niven Govinden video. * Bookslut 100 bash. * Stiv Bators in 1983 (video). * Apollinaire MP3s. * More on the Turkish Apollinaire ban. * Steve Aylett will be reading at Edinburgh’s Roxy Art House on 29 October. * Ben Myers‘s Richard reviewed. * To the Online Leonard Bast: thanks for the mention!

Hangover Hotel (published 22/10/2010)


(pic: Berto Garcia)

“Big Sexy Noise is the primaeval bump, grind and holler of White’s thuggish drums, Johnston’s moronic low-tuned riffing and Edwards’ brutal organ and sax interventions led by Lunch’s take-no-prisoners vocals.”

Big Sexy Noise will be playing London’s Corsica Studios on December 9. More to follow.

Africa In Motion (published )


To mark the occasion of Africa In Motion Film Festival’s fifth anniversary, the Scottish Poetry Library have organised an afternoon of poetry readings to showcase local aspiring poetic voices with links to Africa. Young African poets from around Scotland will offer poems written either by themselves or by their idols, dealing with the universal theme of HOME. The poets include Yinka Ekundayo, George Murevesi, Emmanuel Sairosi, Tawona Sithole and Kennedy Madhombire.

The poetry afternoon will be held on the mezzanine level of the Scottish Poetry Library. Entry is free, and there will be an opportunity to speak to the poets afterwards. AiM storyteller Mara Menzies will MC the event, followed by African Poetry Films at the Filmhouse.

Scottish Poetry Library
5 Crichton’s Close

Saturday 23 October, 2pm – 4pm