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The Missing Links (published 27/03/2011)


Paris, home of the avant-garde by Adam Thirlwell: “You can set up Paris anywhere. It’s there wherever the prevailing categories of representation are suspended. Paris is portable”. * Hervé Guibert photographer. * The King’s Road during the summer of 76. * Punk in England (1980 documentary). * A forthcoming Russ Meyer biopic. * A Brian Eno documentary (1989). * Stuart Evers on Perec and memory. * The Heartbreakers. * On rereading Roland Barthes‘s Camera Lucida. * Patti Smith in Andy Warhol‘s Interview magazine, 1973. * The story of the Horses cover photo. * Hanif Kureishi on the Kama Sutra: “Most self-help books these days are either about depression, happiness or creative writing”. * Photos of Ginsberg and friends, 1969-97. * Pirate Tape: A Portrait of William Burroughs, a collaboration between Derek Jarman and Psychic TV from 1982. * Down with art! * The Mekons and Kathy Acker. * In praise of Leigh Bowery. * Julian Barnes on Montmartre’s vineyard: “It is, like many of the best vineyards, on a steep slope; it is, like all vineyards, not much to look at (vineyards are to wine as writers are to their books)”. * Visite à Picasso, a 1950 documentary. * I was at Killing Joke‘s “epic performance” at the Peppermint Lounge mentioned here.

3:AM Asia Presents (published 25/03/2011)


Thursday, 14 April, 2011
4-5pm, followed by a drinks reception to 6pm (registration essential)
Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Outer Circle London NW1 4QP
Nearest tube: Baker Street

Is there something more to the West’s fascination with Japanese anime and manga? How are anime films and manga comics cultural channeling zones, opened by the horrors of war and disaster and animated by the desire to assemble a world of new looks, feelings and identities? 3:AM Asia contributor Roland Kelts addresses the movement of Japanese culture into the West as sign and symptom of broader reanimations. With uncertainty now the norm, style, he argues, is trumping identity, explaining, in part, the success of Japanese pop and fashion, design and cuisine in the West.

More info and online booking form

Tandeta: Hollywood, The Wire, marginalia, JRL, Waters, Anderson (published )


Frankie goes to Hollywood / What if The Wire was a Victorian novel? / Marginalia as literary networking / J. Robert Lennon‘s random poetry generator / John Waters here & there / Laurie Anderson is in this month’s Art Review [free registration]

He’s better at music than I am at talking (published )

Hunter S. Thompson Interviews Keith Richards, March 1993 [via Open Culture]

Neu! Reekie! 3 (published 24/03/2011)


Scottish Books Trust,
Trunk’s Close,
55 High Street,
Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Friday 25th March 2011
19:00 – 21:30
£5/£4 concession

All welcome.