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Calling All Agents (published 30/05/2011)


Calling All Agents: A Symposium on the Work of Tom McCarthy
Birkbeck College, University of London, 22-23 July 2011

About the Symposium
Calling All Agents: A symposium on the work of Tom McCarthy‘ is the first academic symposium on the work of British novelist Tom McCarthy. This event will feature papers on McCarthy’s three novels, Remainder (2005), Men in Space (2007) and C (2010), as well as his role as General Secretary of the International Necronautical Society, and his relationship with the Tintin series. The day will conclude with a reading by and Q&A session with McCarthy.

Timetable of Events
Friday 22 July 2011
18:00–19:00 Reception: Gylphi launch of Contemporary Writers series and David Mitchell: Critical Essays (Keynes Library, Birkbeck)
19:30–21:00 Film: Double Take (Birkbeck Cinema)

Saturday 23 July 2011
09:00–09:30: Registration

09:30–11:15: Panel 1
Holly Pester (Birkbeck)
Henderson Downing (Birkbeck)
Dr Jane Lewty (UCL)

11:15–11:30: Coffee

11:30–13:15: Panel 2
Dr Julia Jordan (Sussex)
Dr Gill Partington (Birkbeck)
Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck)

13:15–14:00: Lunch (own arrangements)

14:00–15:45: Panel 3
Dr Eric Langley (UCL)
Dr Laura Salisbury (Birkbeck)
Prof Andrew Gibson (Royal Holloway)

15:45–16:15: Coffee

16:15–17:00: Panel 4: “In Conversation”
Dr Daniel Lea (Oxford Brookes)
Prof Peter Boxall (Sussex)
Prof Simon Critchley (New School)

17:00–18:00: Tom McCarthy: Reading & Q&A

18:00–19:00: Wine

How to Register
There is no registration fee for this event, to register send an email to Dennis Duncan at d.duncan@english.bbk.ac.uk indicating whether you will be attending the Gylphi Contemporary Writers Series launch and film screening (22 July) and/or the conference (23 July).

Visit the symposium on Facebook.

Conference Speakers
Simon Critchley (New School, NY)
Andrew Gibson (Royal Holloway)
Peter Boxall (Sussex)
Laura Salisbury (Birkbeck)
Julia Jordan (Sussex)
Eric Langley (UCL)
Daniel Lea (Oxford Brookes)
Gill Partington (Birkbeck)
Jane Lewty (UCL)
Holly Pester (Birkbeck)
Henderson Downing (Birkbeck)
Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck)

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