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Perfect Architect (published 11/05/2011)


Recent 3:AM interviewee Jayne Joso launches her new novel, Perfect Architect, at the Big Green Bookshop tomorrow, Thursday May 12 at 7pm.

Happy Clappy (published 09/05/2011)


The paperback version of Dan Rhodes‘s Little Hands Clapping (3:AM review here) will take place at The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, London, on Thursday 19th May. The event is free but make sure you book pronto.

Barry Yougrau, one of Dan Rhodes’s “all-time favourite writers”, will be making his London debut as a very special guest.

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3:AM Top 5: Niven Govinden (published )


Picking your favourite short stories is akin to choosing favourite songs: nigh on impossible. So rather than list my all-time loves, these are the ones that I’m thinking about the most right now. What links them is a quiet, unsettling quality… and the fact that I swore with sheer wonder after reading each one:

1. “Everything In This Country Must” (title story from 3rd collection) – Colum McCann
2. “Ideas” (from Paris Review 191) – Patricio Pron
3. “The Ascent” (from Burning Bright) – Ron Rash
4. “Like All Other Men” (from Creatures of the Earth)- John McGahern
5. “Here Is What You Do” (from Granta: Aliens) – Chris Dennis

Download Niven’s fine new story — “A Fiesta” — here.

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The Missing Links (published 08/05/2011)


On Paul Scheerbart‘s The Perpetual Motion Machine. * Stewart Home‘s 1995 Art Strike Bed. * Early fiction by Osama bin Laden. * Noam Chomsky’s reaction to bin Laden’s death. * Tony White‘s excellent “Auto-Destructive Arts Policy,” a Swiftian satire that uses the cut-up technique as a verbal barricade. More here. * The Futurist Manifesto. * Why the Brits don’t like their intellectuals. * Brit intellectuals speak out. * Britain’s top 300 intellectuals. * Subway Sect: “Nobody’s Scared”. * McLaren and Westwood‘s Cowboys T-shirt. * La beauté est dans la rue. * Street-fighting men and women. * On Adrienne Monnier. * Bookfuturism. * A tribute to Steve Reich. * Can, live in Paris, 1973. * A brief history of the Minimoog. * The “casual brilliance” of Jennifer Egan. What she reads here. * Splash it all over. * On Donald Barthelme‘s “The Balloon”. * Let It Rock and Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die. * Photographs of Napoleon’s veterans. * Vivien Goldman on Poly Styrene. See also this interview in Flux Magazine. * Hunter S Thompson‘s final 24 hours. * The rise of British studies. * The uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray. * Jordan. * 1970s surf and skate kids from Venice Beach. * An interview with James Knowlson, Beckett‘s biographer. * Holidays in modern architecture. * The Au Pairs. * bookish. * The wonderful George Shaw has been shortlisted for the Turner Prize. * Ezra Pound‘s composition exercises for young writers. * Ben Myers interviewed. * Iggy Pop’s jacket: the rock’n’roll shroud of Turin. * Goddesses (see pic).