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hello tiny bird brain (published 28/08/2011)

Poetry at the Soho Curzon
Wednesday August 31st 2011~ 7pm ~ Entrance free
Marcus Slease launches ‘hello tiny bird brain’
Wayne Clements launches ‘western philosophy’
collections published by Knives forks & Spoons press

also readings by
Tim Atkins – Elizabeth Guthrie- Michael Zand
Linus Slug – Patrick Coyle & SJ Fowler

the Soho Curzon cinema, Mezzanine bar
99 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5DY 0871 703 3988

A McCarthy mini-syllabus (published )

These Silences participant Tom McCarthy in conversation with Eric Banks at the Center for Fiction, April 2011 (parts two and three.) See also, McCarthy on Robbe-Grillet.

The Missing Links (published 26/08/2011)


Patricia Highsmith (pictured), ‘cantankerous old cunt’ or too subversive to be pinned down? * Patrick Neate‘s Bookslam is bringing out an anthology. * Heavy metal was also first used to describe ugly guitars. The phrase, of course, originated with William S Burroughs in his 1962 novel The Soft Machine, featuring Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid. (via Adam Biles) * 10 myths about grunge, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. * Patti Smith taking Just Kids memoir to big screen (via Side B Magazine) * Visual poetry at UbuWeb (via Stan Carey) * Martyn Waites on Patrick Hamilton (via Richard T. Kelly) * Chris Power on Tadeusz Borowski. * Teju Cole‘s top 10 novels of solitude. * Literature & silence, how Libyan writers thwarted the Gaddafi regime (via Max Dunbar) * Jayne Joso‘s Perfect Architect reviewed in ICON magazine. * Laurence Cosse & Herve Le Tellier on Oulipo, underrated authors & preserving French language. * Mavis Gallant on memory & invention. * “It never seemed to me that I was slacking.” Geoff Dyer interviewed (via @timesflow) * Dyer‘s next book is a detailed study of Tarkovsky’s Stalker. * Peter RossBurroughs: Objects from the Bunker (via Darran Anderson) * 10 writers of profane prose. * “Rioting has been a London tradition for centuries.” Peter Ackroyd (via John Coulthart) * “He is of course a people’s poet, which is what he would have wanted. But he is also, definingly, a novelist’s poet. It is the novelists who revere him.” Martin Amis on Philip Larkin. * Postmodernism is dead. * Stewart Home on glass ceilings, shredding your own work & the future of publishing. * Arthur Rimbaud’s brief career. (Read Darran Anderson on Rimbaud.) * Raymond Roussel‘s extravagant, hermetic universe (via 3QD) * J.G Ballard, whose controversial book Crash involved people getting sexually aroused by real road accidents, secretly beat his own girlfriend and spoke about driving a car into her face, according to a new book.