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The Missing Links (published 16/08/2011)


Tom Lutz on the future of books. * Posthumously published NY Times interview with Mark Twain. * German Art Nouveau magazine, Jugend. * The three Vs of Bloomsbury. * Dostoyevsky, a 19th Century writer for our times. * Philip K. Dick‘s bible for sale, with holographic notes. * The New Jewish Literature. * Literary friendships. * “Ernest taking me to that bum restaurant” & other references to Hemingway in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notebooks. * The great Great Gatsby, Robert Fulford on the life & legacy of F. Scott Fitzgerald. * 10 writers who moonlighted as dandies (See also, 3:AM‘s interview with Sebastian Horsley). * The Return of the New Flesh: Body Memory in David Cronenberg & Merleau-Ponty [PDF] * Nick Rombes begins his year-long journey through David Lynch‘s Blue Velvet, shot-by-shot. * Lynd Ward‘s 1939 illustrations for Beowulf. * Who stole Mona Lisa? (See also, Darran Anderson on Apollinaire). * Catch-18? Joseph Heller‘s daughter on choosing the enigmatic number. * Why there are no more Joseph Hellers. * “All great talkers have spoken in the language of Sterne, Swift or the Restoration. Even Oscar Wilde.” Djuna Barnes interviews James Joyce for Vanity Fair (March 1922). * Nicholson Baker on House of Holes. * A copy editor’s style sheet for Nicholson Baker‘s House of Holes. * Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 journal (1915-1916). * The lost art of postcard writing. * When Willa Cather knew Stephen Crane. * “Writing has nothing to do with self-expression.” Tom McCarthy at the Edinburgh Festival. * “Fiction lives by its stories & the poetry by its music, not its messages.” Gerald Locklin. * Jessica Ferri‘s Thomas Bernhard obsession. * Sherlock Holmes banned from reading lists for being anti-Mormon. * On Christopher Isherwood & The Berlin Stories. * McKenzie Wark & Owen Hatherley on the riots. * Former 3:AM-er Susannah Breslin on the world of work at Forbes. * Iain Sinclair interviewed by The Quietus.

Colony days (published 15/08/2011)

Author Sophie Parkin is writing a new book on the legendary Colony Room drinking club which closed its doors for the final time on Dean Street in December 2008. Sophie is looking for memories and anecdotes of times spent and misspent in the club in its sixty years of existence, and if you have recollections of the 60s and 70s she would be particularly interested.

The Colony was opened in 1948 by Muriel Belcher and one of its first members was artist Francis Bacon, whom Belcher would pay £10 a week to bring in rich patrons and artists. Its other members have included Jeffrey Bernard, Sebastian Horsley, Lisa Stansfield and George Melly.

To share your reminscences of the Colony contact Sophie at sophie@sophieparkin.co.uk

(from Soho Clarion, Summer 2011)