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Pillow Talk (published 09/08/2011)

Apropos of nothing, Alasdair Gray reads from The End of Our Tethers.

The Missing Links (published 07/08/2011)


Transmitting the Image, Rick Poynor on Andrzej Klimowski. * S. T. Joshi on the satirical impulse of Ambrose Bierce [PDF] * Children of Sebald, is W.G. Sebald the reason so many writers are turning to archival sources? * On Mass Observation. * Rhys Tranter on George Craig translating Beckett‘s letters. * Archive of hand-lettered book covers (via @brainpicker) .* Writers No One Reads on publisher, novelist, filmmaker & inventor of semantic poetry Stefan Themerson. * The Bell Jar at 40 (via @longreads). * On 100 Myles, the Flann O’Brien conference in Vienna (via @Litblog). * 1960s Ladybird Books set (via @BibliOdyssey). * J.G. Ballard‘s hand-written letters on the back of cat photos. * Mazes, Mirrors, Deception & Denial, how Kubrick played spatial mind games with his audience in The Shining (via things magazine ). * How Oscar Wilde painted over Dorian Gray. * Under the Influence, drugs used by authors when writing (via @chris_power). * Walter Benjamin‘s hashish, opium & mescaline experiment notes (via @darrananderson1). * 3:AM‘s Maxi Kim on Stewart Home. * Is pop culture consuming itself? Simon Reynolds discusses Retromania with The Quietus. * Brian Eno in conversation with David Mitchell in The Believer. * Unite & Take Over, comics inspired by The Smiths. * Harry Clarke‘s illustrations for Faust (1925) & Swinburne (via @johncoulthart). * “It still wants currency I think.” Virginia Woolf‘s letter to a young poet. * When Muriel Spark fell out with the Poetry Society. * Part two of Words Without BordersArab Spring. * “[Heinrich Böll‘s] experiments are nonetheless brave because they are quiet.” (via @olmonthly). * ‘The New Generation’, a previously unpublished Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn story in American Scholar (via Largehearted Boy). * Paul Schrader & Bret Easton Ellis working on “shark-infested psychological horror” (via @harikunzru). * “The difficulty with nonfiction often lies in the resolution. Life tends to withhold solace.” Rupert Thomson on Truman Capote (via @thebookslut). * Carveresque: formerly Hemingwayesque; short sentences about drunk people watching their neighbors. Full Stop demystify book reviews. * In the Independent, 3:AM‘s Max Liu reviews Teju Cole‘s Open CIty. * S.J. Chambers on “omitted Modernist doyenne” Mina Loy. * Carolyn Burke on the parallels between Loy & Lee Miller (via Bookslut). * The films of ‘shoegeezer’ Gregg Araki as Shoegazing 101. * Former 3:AM-er Susannah Breslin on sex workers in The Guardian. * Edgelands author Paul Farley on a mis-spent youth in 1980s London. [Pic: Lee Miller, 1937]