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The Missing Links (published 30/10/2011)


Howard Devoto interviewed in The Quietus. * The Marcel Duchamp audio archive. * 10 reasons not to blog. * William Burroughs: “To me, Paris is now one of the most disagreeable cities in the world. I just hate it”. * Launch of A Tale of Three Cities. * Leeds Other Paper. * Dennis Cooper interviewed in the Paris Review. * Ivan Chtcheglov (short film). * Totality for beginners. * Point-Blank!, Jamie Reid and the Nowhere buses controversy. More here. * Jamie Reid‘s Peace is Tough exhibition (London). * Saul Bass‘s career reviewed. * Quiet Cocteau in quiet London. * Britain’s photograhic revolution. * Nicky Wire’s Polaroids. * Isidore Isou‘s Venom and Eternity. * Stewart Home back in the NYC groove! * Stewart Home goes back to the old Electric Ballroom (where I saw my very first punk gig). * The Britpulp! photoshoot. * Jonathan Coe on Marc Saporta. * Erik Satie covers. * The John Cage Tribute. * Jon Savage on Rainbow Corner. * Ben Myers interviewed about his novel Richard. * Digital immortality. * What would Bartleby say? * Yeats reading his poetry (recorded in the 30s). * How The Joy of Sex was illustrated. * Visions of Alice. * Clunk click: Jimmy Saville‘s last trip. * Tom McCarthy on Spielberg’s Tintin. * Robert Crumb (pictured): “I’m finished with the Bible. Back to drawing pornography”.

A decadent millionaire corrupting the son (published 26/10/2011)

William Burroughs on meeting Allen Ginsberg (via Biblioklept).