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Tranströmer (published 24/10/2011)

Tomas Tranströmer, a short film (via @tejucole).

Anemic Cinema (published )

Dangerous Minds points us to Anemic Cinema, a film by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray (1926).

The Missing Links (published 23/10/2011)


The trouble with Will Self’s blood. * More Self: “After all, I can remember times, albeit long gone, when young women, even the occasional man, did reach for my crotch while making cooing noises. True, they didn’t tend to do it in public but it happened nonetheless”. * Did we ever stop being postmodern? * David Forster Wallace, the teacher. * The return of Section 25. * “We all accept liberal democratic capitalism, even during this current pan-European disaster,” Žižek says. “We timidly ask, ‘Oh, can we have a few more rights for minorities? A little more healthcare?’ But nobody questions the frame. And that is the real triumph of ideology.” * Owen Jones on the Occupy movement. * Stop the City, 1984. * Rubber people. * The pleasure of the txt spk. * On translating Madame Bovary. * On translating Albert Cossery. * Libyan author Hisham Matar interviewed by Hari Kunzru. * A Brooklyn teen gang, 1959 (see pic above). * William Boyd on Ian Fleming’s death wish. * A review of Mark Amerika‘s remixthebook. * The alien soundtracks of Chrome. * Owen Hatherley on the Lloyd’s building. * Joy Division. * Bauhaus. * Jarvis Cocker goes back to Sheffield. Video here. * The secrets of Pulp’s songs. * Shelagh Delaney (by Ken Russell, 1960). * US commercials from the 50s and 60s. * Bukowski on censorship. * Divine birthday. * Lydia Lunch trailer. * A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma. * Italo Calvino animated. * The Specials: live review. * Nicholas Lezard on Tintin. * A Sonic Youth playlist. * A Salvador Dali documentary narrated by Orson Welles. * The 10 best lost David Bowie tracks. * Egozine. * NYC 1978-1985.

Amateurs, amateurs (published 21/10/2011)

The Stone Roses together, again.