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The Missing Links (published 20/11/2011)


Le Petit Journal des Refusées, San Franciscan pre-Dada absurdist graphic litmag (1896). * Intellectualism is back in vogue, a profile of new litmags on the block The White Review & The Junket. * Gabriel Josipovici reviews The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 2: 1941-1956. * Interview with Dan Gunn, co-editor of Beckett‘s letters. * Hubert Selby: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, a documentary. * Sylvia Plath‘s unbearable lightness. * Plath, Gertrude Stein & Kurt Vonnegut‘s rejection letters. * “The pain of the writer is that he has to sit still while the critic pokes through the vitals of his work…” A response to Lethem vs. Wood. * Orwell vs. Huxley, an infographic.* Literary horror from the Chapman brothers. * “It’s my blessing & my curse that I write about this stuff.” Dennis Cooper. * Allen Ginsberg‘s 1975 lectures on English poetry.* “Probably I will not write another novel, & so mankind will be safe.” Umberto Eco. * Martin Scorsese on Saul Bass. * Boris Vian, the prince of Saint-Germain. * Wallace Berman‘s underground (see also, 3:AM‘s interview with Tosh Berman, son of Wallace & US publisher of Vian). * Brian Eno & Rick Holland’s poetry music. * The superabundance of cock in [Philip] Roth’s work is more than a stylistic choice aiming to shock & unnerve. It transcends even the fair accusations of chauvinism frequently lobbed at Roth by feminist critics & former lovers. It is his primary state of mind. * Excerpt from Laslo Krasznahorkai‘s Satantango. * Wallace Stevens reading from his own work. * Literature’s greatest unseen characters. * Fiddleback #2. * Owen Jones on Occupy London. * The Clash‘s Paul Simonon arrested while working as undercover Greenpeace activist. * Neon outpost, Las Vegas from the sky. * Michel Houellebecq is the most interesting, provocative & important European novelist of my generation. Period. No one else comes close.” Bret Easton Ellis. * On Fiction by Virginia Woolf. * “I think we need a new vocabulary, because everybody wants to be an outsider. When I was one, no one wanted to be one.” John Waters. * [Image: Wacky Stuff]

Jhameel Treats You Like a (Spoiled) Lady (published 17/11/2011)


Something bright for this rainy season.

Each Tuesday for five weeks, 3:AM favourite Jhameel will release a brand new track available to stream or download for free. Each song is accompanied by its own individual artwork, and all will remain available following their release.

This is Jhameel at his funkiest and most colourful. We particularly like ‘White Lie’.

Two tracks have been released already:
‘White Lie’ by jhameel
‘Collision’ by jhameel

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next tracks.