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The Missing Links (published 26/02/2012)


R.I.P Barney Rosset, William Gay & Dmitri Nabokov. * Vladimir Navokov & Lionel Trilling discuss Lolita. * Barney Rosset on Beckett‘s Film. * Alfred Jarry finally appears on UbuWeb. * ZerO Books and radical publishing. * Tony White on “off-Broadway publishing”. * “A flighty mind might be going somewhere”, Hanif Kureishi on the art of distraction. * A hypertext version of Borges‘s The Book of Sand. * The making of Trumpton. * Charts and diagrams drawn by famous authors. * New Orleans Mardi Gras. * On August Derleth. * “Curse the snivelling, dribbling, dithering palsied pulse-less lot that make up England today.” D.H. Lawrence (1912). * On Franzen, Wallace and the question of realism. * 2000AD at 35. * Andy Warhol was much more than an icon of modern cool. * Valerie Solanas‘ “edit” of library copy of S.C.U.M. Manifesto. * 10 best slacker novels. * The Chimerist. * Inside David Lynch‘s Silencio. * “The rediscovery of Joseph Roth has been one of the happiest literary developments of the last 10 years.”. * “We are always moving towards failure.” Irvine Welsh. * Will Self to become a professor of contemporary thought. * Lars Iyer‘s research notes for Dogma. * Lars Iyer reads from Dogma. * “The novel is a very democratic form & the intellectual price of entry is not very high so most novels are pitched low on the level of complexity.” Teju Cole. * Patrick deWitt on Oulipo author Harry Mathews‘ masterpiece of minutia The Journalist. * Patrick deWitt interviewed. * Philp Larkin on vinyl. * John Peel‘s record collection to become on-line interactive museum. * 60 years of rock history in NME covers. * Jean-Luc Godard captures The Rolling Stones recording ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ (1968). * William Gibson‘s Distrust That Particular Flavor reviewed. * When de Maupassant met Swinburne. * What makes a book a gay book, or a writer a gay writer? Walt Whitman, for all his sizzling erotic verses about men, inisted to the end that he was interested only in women. * NYC phone booths doubling as public libraries. * With all the people hanging around, the place feels a little bit like a very comfortable, more wholesome version of Andy Warhol’s Factory except that Chinese state security agents are waiting just outside the walls and could burst in again at the first hint of subversive behaviour. At home with Ai Weiwei. * Everything there is in Blake Butler‘s apartment. * A selection from The Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue.