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The Missing Links (published 20/02/2012)

"Nympho Librarian" by Les Tucker (Jake

Believe in the ruins. * Robert Walser and the art of staring straight ahead. * Gavin James Bower on Claude Cahun. * Tim Parks argues that e-books “bring us closer than the paper book to the essence of the literary experience”. * Tariq Goddard interviewed. * Jah Wobble and Keith Levene on PiL‘s Metal Box. * Can live, 1972. * David Winters on Malcolm Bull‘s Anti-Nietzsche and Gerald Murnane‘s Barley Patch. * The Modernist Journals Project. * On new literary magazines. * Simon Reynolds interviews Greil Marcus: “At once epic and fragmentary, the book [Lipstick Traces] argues for the Sex Pistols as the culmination of ‘an unheard, invisible tradition’ of apocalyptic protest-poetry stretching back via Situationism and Dada all the way to medieval millenarian sects like the Brethren of the Free Spirit. ‘Johnny Rotten is speaking for himself but all those other voices are in there speaking with him too. All kind of demands on society, on life, on ontology, on epistemology are present in the noise of punk and in that vocal sound, boiled down on to a little 7-inch piece of plastic’. * Punk flyers as Swiss modernism (via Jason Diamond). * Essential reading: Tom Bradley‘s A Pleasure Joint With One of the Sex Workers Who Don’t Exist in the People’s Republic of China. * The Catcher in the Rye illustrated. * The Saints interviewed, 1977 (video). * The cult of Sherlock Holmes. * Michael Cunningham‘s library. * Juan Gabriel Vasquez on how to read novels. * “The first secret, shared only by the initiated, is that [Thomas] Bernhard is very funny.” * In Search of Haruki Murakami, a 50 minute documentary. * Mary Talbot on her, & Lucia Joyce‘s, father/daughter narratives. * Finnegans Wake read in its entirety. * Joyce’s children’s story. * Umberto Eco‘s children’s book. * An interview with George Craig. * Fake movie and TV bands. * “Whatever people may say about my books, the epigraphs have always been top-drawer.” Geoff Dyer. * Sukhdev Sandhu reviews Zona. * The White Review on how Zona poses an alternative model for the academic essay. * Adam Ant: “[N]ew romantic was nothing to do with Adam and the Ants. The Ants was a punk band, or a post-punk band if anything, and so historically it’s inaccurate”. * Martin Amis‘ classic guide to arcade games revisited. * An interactive Paris street art map. * Doisneau’s 50 best Paris photos. * Viva downtown Las Vegas. * Blake Butler interviewed. * On Donald Barthelme‘s reading list. * Talking Heads live in Germany, 1980. * Iconic writers on symbolism, 1963. * A review of Ben Jeffery‘s Anti-Matter: Michel Houellebecq and Depressive Realism. * Michael Davis (MC5) obituary. * Cartographies of Time. * Worldscribe Press. * Coum Transmissions. * Throbbing Gristle films, 1984-2005. * Jon Savage interviews Iggy Pop. * The London’s Lost Rivers exhibition (including work by Jon Savage). * Luis Bunuel makes a dry martini. * Thomas Bernhard bursts into flames. * The Crass/Mickey Mouse T-shirt. * Steve Ignorant video. * New Order live in NYC, 1981. * Librarian pornography (see pic).

The Missing Links (published 12/02/2012)


“Fail better” is now experimental literature’s equivalent of that famous Che Guevara photo, flayed completely of meaning and turned into a successful brand with no particular owner. * Lars Iyer’s top 10 literary frenemies. * Simon Critchley on Oscar Wilde‘s De Profundis. * Critchley’s tragedy reading list. * Writings on Joyce. * Joyce & the internet. * “No other writer cops out quite as elegantly as Geoff Dyer.” * “She is a great novelist who looks like a quieter novelist.” Adam Thirlwell’s wonderful 2004 essay on Muriel Spark. * A brief survey of William S. Burroughs references in pop culture. * “‘Is it Cronenbergesque or not?’ It’s nice to be an adjective, but it can also be a trap.” * J.G. Ballard‘s hand-edited manuscript of Crash. * Stewart Home‘s 10 Greatest Anti-Art Suicides (Before Mike Kelly). * Guy Debord’s sound works, Situationist films & the documentary On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972, all at UbuWeb. * Robert Montgomery‘s street poems. * The rise, the fall, & the attempted rise of Stefan Zweig. * “Stories of a man in love with the world, but unable to take part in it.” On Robert Walser‘s Berlin Stories. * No one reads Ladislav Klima. * Juan Gabriel Vásquez on his residency in a reconstruction of Joseph Conrad‘s Roi des Belges, with music by Andrew Bird. * “The fact that [A Personal Record] is rarely read today confirms Conrad’s reputation as one of English literature’s most “homeless” authors.” * Kevin Breathnach‘s speculative criticism uncovers a plot within modernist photography. * The magazines that published the founding texts of modernism are now available in PDF. * Edmund White on his love for Ezra Pound‘s translation of ‘Exile’s Letter’ by Li Po. * T.S. Eliot & his happy life as a banker. * Typewriter erotica from the 1920s (above). * On Alan Moore‘s claims that prequels & sequels diminish the quality of a literary work. * Sylvain Sylvain interviewed. * James Joyce is out of copyright, but the spats continue. * James Joyce‘s Chamber Music. * Is Tony Judt Orwell’s heir? * La Jetée captured. * David Foster Wallace died, and in the conversation about his death a certain sort of book got elevated, enshrined.” * 2012, the year the David Foster Wallace industry exploded. * “This failure is where Bernhard and Levé begin. Their works, very similar, very different, demonstrate the multiplicity of solutions bestowed by failure. In announcing their failure, both writers renounce it.”