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The Missing Links (published 27/03/2012)


Christine Brooke-Rose R.I.P.: “I’ve always tried to avoid the expected word”. From the Guardian: “[A]s her close acquaintance Roland Barthes said, it is only once the voice loses its origin that writing may begin. Was Brooke-Rose ever really with us?” * Antonio Tabucchi R.I.P. * A new biography of Richard Brautigan. * David Lodge reviews Pico Iyer‘s The Man Within My Head. * Great interview with the fascinating Dylan Trigg. * Literary Paris. * Special issue of Modernism/Modernity dedicated to Beckett. * Orson Welles and Kafka. * Forgotten Bookmarks. * Harold Bloom reviews Marina Warner‘s Stranger Magic. * Suburbia gone wild. * Blank City. * 100 Punks Rule. * Ripped & Torn has a revamped website (which includes the Punk: The Early Years and I Swear I was There documentaries). * Jah Wobble and Keith Levene play Metal Box. * The look of music. * The return of Mad Men. * The Los Angeles Review of Books on Mad Men. * The man behind Mad Men. * A literary guide to Mad Men. * Real-life Mad Men-era photos. * Steven Mitchelmore reviews The Art Kettle. * An interview with Mark Stewart of The Pop Group. * Dennis Morris on growing up black. (Wonderful pictures of black London in the 60s and 70s here.) * The mighty Sam Jordison on The Alexandria Quartet. * “London’s Overthrow” by China Miéville. * Screenshots of despair. * How indie labels changed the world. * On Diego Marani‘s New Finnish Grammar. * Richard Hell shirt for sale. * Who has the right to write in the UK today? * Zadie Smith on Gustave Doré‘s illustrations of Dante‘s Inferno: “…line upon line of textured black, a perfect rendition of nothing”. * Life after people. * The 1985 Jesus & Mary Chain riot. * Modern British design. * Umberto Eco: “There is an allure to enumerating how many women Don Giovanni slept with: It was 2,063, at least according to Mozart’s librettist, Lorenzo da Ponte”. * Ho Ryon Lee‘s ‘double exposure’ upskirt paintings (see above).

Soho Nights (published 22/03/2012)


The Sohemian Society presents at The Wheatsheaf, 25 Rathbone Place, North Soho, W1

Wednesday March 28th, 7.30pm

‘Nights Out — Life in Cosmopolitan London’
Speaker Judith Walkowitz

London’s Soho district underwent a spectacular transformation between the late Victorian era and the end of the Second World War: its fin-de-siecle buildings and dark streets infamous for sex, crime, political disloyalty, and ethnic diversity became a centre of culinary and cultural tourism servicing patrons of nearby shops and theatres. Indulgences for the privileged and the upwardly mobile edged a dangerous, transgressive space imagined to be “outside” the nation.

Treating Soho as exceptional, but also representative of London’s urban transformation, Judith Walkowitz shows how the area’s foreignness, liminality, and porousness were key to the explosion of culture and development of modernity in the first half of the twentieth century. She draws on a vast and unusual range of sources to stitch together a rich patchwork quilt of vivid stories and unforgettable characters, revealing how Soho became a showcase for a new cosmopolitan identity.

Fantastisch Global System: Ann Radio (published )


Shoegazing from Ukraine anyone?

Ann radio – Fantastish Global Systems by FantastishGlobalSystems

Fantastish Global Systems was formed in 2007 and consists of: Fantastish (guitars, vocals, producing) and Aladdin (drums, vocals, producing). Check them out.

London 2012 (published 21/03/2012)


Patrick Keiller
‘The Robinson Institute’
Tate Britain
London SW1P 4RG
27 March – 14 October 2012
10.00-18.00 daily