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Missorts (published 22/06/2012)


[Our recent interview with Tony White.]

Black Patriots (published 21/06/2012)


3:AM‘s Richard Marshall interviewed US philosopher and historian Alan Gilbert on Resonance FM, 18-19 June 2012:

Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows (published )

Faber Social presents REVOLUTION with Sonic Boom and Richard Milward Monday 25th June

Sonic Boom, once of Spacemen 3 and now Spectrum, is one of the most influential and celebrated underground musicians of the past three decades. Join for a rare solo set from the psychedelic guru, most recently feted for his work with MGMT. Sonic will be supported by the remarkable young British novelist, Richard Milward, Teesside’s very own Laureate. Richard will be reading from his choose your own afterlife novel, Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, which will be published as a very special limited edition in July.

£8 in advance / more on the door

The Missing Links (published 19/06/2012)


Jennifer Egan‘s twitter story, “Black Box“. * Rilke in pictures. * Stewart Home on the 10 best ways to fail. * Tom Bissell: “To write is to fail, more or less, constantly”. * Steven Millhauser interviewed, 2003. * Witold Gombrowicz‘s Diary. * Le Récit minimal. * Brian Dillon: “[T]he only future that seems to have mattered in the recent past has been the future anterior: what will have been, or more accurately what might have been”. * Jean-Luc Godard shoots Marianne Faithfull. * The truth about memory and the novel. * A review of Dylan Trigg‘s The Memory of Place: A Phenomenology of the Uncanny. * Reading David Markson reading. * London Calling on ARTE. * Libraries from Alexandria to the Internet. * Rachel Seiffert on writing silences. * Bruno Schulz‘s “The Sanatorium at the Sign of the Hourglass“. * The making of West Side Story. * Carl Köhler‘s composer portraits. * Slavoj Žižek: “Liberals always say about totalitarians that they like humanity, as such, but they have no empathy for concrete people, no? OK, that fits me perfectly. Humanity? Yes, it’s OK – some great talks, some great arts. Concrete people? No, 99% are boring idiots”. * In praise of the unlived life. * Alberto Manguel on Dublinesque. * The story of The Pogues. * Japanese vending machines. * Will Self on builder’s tea. * John Berger on Ulysses. * Matisse‘s illustrations for a 1935 edition of Ulysses. * Zombie Edie Sedgwick sculpture. * MJ Delaney. * “The [Geoff] Dyer brand is built upon contrarianism.” * Geoff Dyer, Joe Dunthorne and Jonathan Coe on their favourite Hitchcock films. * How to kiss, 1942. * A review of Josipovici‘s Infinity. * An interview with Ben Marcus. * On Ben Marcus’s impossibility precincts. * Van Gogh and the beginning of modern art. *Mad Men: gorgeous behind the scenes pictures. * Stanley Kubrick’s photos of 1940s NYC. * Sylvia Plath‘s sketches. * Picrures from the White Noise exhibition. * Malcolm McLaren interviewed by Jools Holland, 1983. * Wired Up reviewed. * The history and science of boredom. * Jenny Diski on writing slowly.