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The summer of Jhameel (published 15/06/2012)


Jhameel has more new songs out, graced with his trademark intense vocals and clever, fresh arrangements. Today’s serving is full on funky synth-pop with crisp 80s flavours, perfect for the (still late) summer. Enjoy.

The Long Run:

Let’s Run Away:

Remainder – The Show! (published 14/06/2012)


A group art exhibition, inspired by Tom McCarthy‘s Remainder opens in London. Details below.

14 JUNE – 14 JULY 2012

Neïl Beloufa
Steve Bishop
Sofia Hultén
Iman Issa
Toril Johannessen
Luke Stettner
Artie Vierkant
New contributing text by Tom McCarthy

Off-site reading groups programmed by:
Sally O’Reilly – Thurs 21 June, 7-9pm at Whitechapel Gallery
Francesco Pedraglio – Wed 4 July, 7-9pm (RSVP for details)
Gil Leung – Wed 11 July, 7-9pm at X Marks the Bökship
Rosie Cooper – Sun 15 July, 3-5pm (RSVP for details)
Curated by Alex Ross
Reading Group RSVP & Details.

Gallery Address: 2nd Floor, 33 White Church Lane, London E1 7QR
Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12-6 and by appointment

The Missing Links (published 10/06/2012)

The complete Cinema of Transgression. * Nick Zedd‘s post-punk movies. * Women in early Soviet cinema. * Gertrude Stein interview, 1934 (audio). * Mairéad Hanrahan on Cioran. * An extract from Susana Medina‘s Spinning Days of Night. * Nikesh Shukla talks to Lee Rourke. * Pig Iron book launch pics (read all about Ben MyersBlack Flag t-shirt here). * Ben Myers on the one-book bookshop. * The 10 best invisible artworks. * Haunted by lost art. * Erasurist poetry from Taiwan. * Mitchelmore on Enrique Vila-Matas (Dublinesque): “But then it follows that if the everyday of the reader proffers literary correspondences, adding a certain portentous grandeur to ordinary life, the end of literature will mean life disrobed and destitute, leaving him to endure what we might call enchantment hunger (which someone ought to use for a title)”. * China Miéville interviewed. * An extract from A Partial History of Lost Causes. * Béla Tarr retires from film-making: “My fondest hope is that he will create a fanatical, cult-like environment wherein he can hothouse a generation of film-makers as grouchy, misanthropic and visionary as himself, because guys like Tarr are fewer on the ground every day”. * An interview with Penelope Houston of The Avengers. * Jean-Philippe Toussaint‘s Reticence reviewed. * Waiting for Godot — the video game. * ESG live. * DBC Pierre’s guide to Mexico City. * John Robb on Creation Records. * R.I.P. Ray Bradbury. More here. * Michael Bracewell‘s top 10 art books. * The Book Club‘s first anniversary at Le Carmen in Paris — spot Christiana Spens (video). * Brian Eno‘s Obscure Records (1975-78). * David Winters reviews Dead Man Working. * The triumph of the left brain? * Roberto Bolaño: “The truth is, I don’t believe all that much in writing”. * Short films by Viennese Aktionist Kurt Kren. * [Pic: The Fury, 1978.]