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The Missing Links (published 05/06/2012)


The ghost of conceptual writing. * Love lost among the ruins: Brian Dillon‘s Sanctuary reviewed. * Brian Dillon on the Patrick Keiller exhibition at Tate Britain. * Daniel Levin Becker on Oulipian Jacques Jouet. * ‘God Save the Queen’ turns 35! * Vegas stripped. * An introduction to Equus Press. * Christopher Plummer re-enacts Nabokov teaching Kafka. * Bill Drummond. * A 1960s student house party. * Student party, Belfast, 1970. * Don Letts‘s Subculture series. * John Cooper Clarke: “In the past, he has proposed that, for National Poetry Day, all human affairs be conducted in rhyme, with the exception of the emergency sevices”. * Is nihilism dead? * Anti-humanism and the question of philosophical anthropology. * London in puddles. * Lee Rourke: “Dialogue From a Novel Already Written“. * Gabriel Josipovici on the British novel (audio). * A review of Enrique Vila-Matas‘s Dublinesque. * Mary Ellen Bute‘s Passages From Finnegans Wake (video). * Passport to Pimlico: a behind the scenes tour. * A plea for folk-philosophy. * Sheila Heti interviewed. * Carl Barat at Paris opera. * Harold Pinter on Samuel Beckett (video). * Top Shelf Products.

The Furnished Room (published 01/06/2012)


Laura Del Rivo in conversation with Cathi Unsworth
A Sohemian Society event
Monday June 18th
The Wheatsheaf, 25 Rathbone Place, North Soho, W1, kick-off 7.30pm. Entrance fee £3.

In Laura’s beatnik classic The Furnished Room the novel’s anti-hero Joe Beckett drifts from job to job and woman to woman in a seedy world of bedsitters and all-night cafes. Living in the wasteland between Notting Hill and Earl’s Court, he heats up tins on gas rings and smuggles girls past the landlady. He has no values or beliefs. A chance encounter with a roadhouse braggart brings him the opportunity to murder someone “to shock himself back to life”.

The Furnished Room was filmed by director Michael Winner as West 11, starring Alfred Lynch as Joe, Kathleen Breck as the good-time girl Isla and a cast including Eric Portman and Diana Dors.

Laura Del-Rivo was an associate of Bill Hopkins and Colin Wilson, who described The Furnished Room as “one of the significant novels of the 1960s.” Unsurprisingly, she was convent educated but the call of Soho parties was stronger. After many jobs, including working as a bookseller, a Lyons’ counter hand and an art-school model she started running a market stall in Portobello Road, where she can still be found.