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The Missing Links (published 16/09/2012)

On Robert Walser‘s The Walk. * A double dose of nothing. * Behind the scenes at Madame Tussauds in the 1930s. * Jonathan Littell on Maurice Blanchot‘s “Reading”. * Michael Bracewell interviews John Stezaker, 2005: “I’m very much a follower of Maurice Blanchot’s ideas when it comes to image and fascination; he sees it as a necessary series of deaths that the image has to go through in order to become visible and disconnected from its ordinary referent”. * An inconsolable nostalgia for the book. * Nine films about John Cage. * Time for Action: Garry Bushell on the mod revival (or “renewal,” as he used to say in Sounds). * Donald Barthelme interviewed in the Paris Review, 1981. * David Foster Wallace: what the death of an author reveals about the death of the author. * David Byrne‘s How Music Works. * The Patti Smith Group cover the Velvet Underground‘s “Pale Blue Eyes,” 1976. * Nicholas Rombes in Fiddleblack. * The strange death of the English gentleman. * Arty bollocks generator. * Max Ernst. * Stephen Fry on Joyce’s Ulysses. * A Tale of Three Cities‘s revamped website. * When authors disown their works. * Nothing succeeds like failure. * 456 John Peel Shows. * How wives should undress in front of their husbands, 1937. * Hipsters on TV. * On translating Clarice Lispector. * A steampunk’s guide to sex. * John Everett Millais‘s hidden erection. * Badiou rogered by Scruton. * Dogging and psychogeography. * Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick on TV, 1965. * Jeff Noon‘s new novel. * Alice Cooper‘s unused Bond theme, 1974. * Pulp‘s unused Bond theme, 1997. * Untranslatable words. * The BBC Radiophonic Workshop to be revived. Related: The Alchemists of Sound, 2003. * Gerald Murnane‘s Barley Patch reviewed in the Complete Review. * Prague’s forgotten German writers. * Weird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy. * Public Image Ltd. provoke a riot at NYC’s Ritz club, May 1981. * The Michel Foucault archives. * Kimberly Nicols‘s Tumblr. * A documentary on English Hell’s Angels, 1973. * How do we seek immortality online? * Uncreative writing. * A documentary on Woody Allen, 1979. * Punk graphics at London’s Hayward Gallery. * Tao Lin and Metamodernism. * How do you cite a tweet in an academic paper? * A Heidi Julavits fan. * The Pretty Things‘s S.F. Sorrow.