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William tells (published 27/12/2012)

There’s still a little time to help Aaron Brookner restore his uncle’s seminal 1983 documentary, Burroughs: The Movie. From DocGeeks:

A famous cult documentary made with the help of the BBC, which was shot over a five year period to be completed in 1983, is now being restored by the filmmaker’s nephew, who is also making his own documentary revealing footage from the extensive archive his uncle left behind.

The film, shot initially by Howard Brookner, was the first long feature film made about William Burroughs and has been lost for decades after Brookner died of Aids in 1989.

After the completion of Burroughs: The Movie Brookner made two other films: Robert Wilson & The Civil Wars and Bloodhounds of Broadway, starring a young and already famous Madonna.

Burroughs was the first long feature documentary about the iconic writer who was one of the most radically subversive literary figures of the 20th century and Godfather to the Beat poets such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.


“After a long search I found the only print of Burroughs: The Movie in good condition and embarked on a project to remaster it and make it available to the public. It is part of the work I want to do to preserve my uncle’s legacy. The re-release of Burroughs is a first step towards recovering what he made while he was alive.”

Burroughs: The Movie features the writer’s close circle of friends including Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Francis Bacon, John Giorno, James Grauerholz and Terry Southern. The film premiered at the 1983 New York Film Festival to rave reviews.

Friends like these (published 26/12/2012)

3:AM‘s S.J. Fowler on his exciting new project:

I’d like to announce a new programme of events and publications that I’ll be curating and launching over the next 12 months or so, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, called the Enemies Project.  

The Enemies Project is a multifarious, multidisciplinary but essentially cogent programme of events and exhibitions that provide the grounding to comprehensively explore the notion of collaboration in a strictly contemporary, ‘active’ realm of poetry. When exploring what the medium of poetry can do with film and visual grammar, motion, sculpture, song, composition, music, sonic art, photography, paint, ink, graphic design, illustration, publishing etc… poetry will be presented not just as a monolithic mode with hard edges, but an immensely fluid medium that absorbs and is absorbed into that which gives it context and inspiration. 

The Enemies Project will include five publications, an exhibition, over a dozen readings and performances, three workshops, two screenings, over ten art/poetry organisations and well over one hundred poets, artists, musicians and performers, culminating in the publication of my selected collaborations with Penned in the Margins in September 2013.

3:AM Awards 2012: Longlist (published )

Louis Armand’s Breakfast at Midnight (RM)
Jake Arnott’s The House of Rumour (MD)
Laurent Binet’s HHhH (ST)
Jenni Fagan‘s The Panopticon (DA)
Alasdair Gray’s Every Short Story 1951-2012 (ST)
Sarah Hall’s The Beautiful Indifference (MD)
Lars Iyer‘s Dogma (AG)
Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams (DA)
Karl Ove Knausgaard’s A Death in the Family (ST)
Jarett Kobek‘s If You Won’t Read then Why Should I Write (RM)
Zoe Lambert‘s The War Tour (MD)
Ben Marcus’ Flame Alphabet (ST)
Ben MyersPig Iron (DA, AG)
Andrés Neuman’s Traveller of the Century (ST)
Alex Preston’s The Revelations (MD)
Keith Ridgway’s Hawthorn & Child (DA, ST)
Will Self‘s Umbrella (AA)
Adam Thirlwell’s Kapow! (ST)
Enrique Vila-Matas’ Dublinesque (ST)
Gabriel Josipovici’s Infinity (AG)
Chrisine Schutt’s Prosperous Friends (AG, DW)
Tony White‘s Missorts (RM)

John Ashbery’s Quick Question (DW)
Sarah Jackson’s Pelt (DA)
Luke Kennard‘s A Lost Expression (AA)
Philip Larkin’s Complete Poems (ST)
Seán Lawlor & John Pillin, ed. The Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett (ST)
William Letford’s Bevel (DA)
Frank O’Hara’s Selected Poems (MD)
Tom Paulin’s Love’s Bonfire (RM)
Sam Riviere‘s 81 Austerities (ST)
Adelle Stripe‘s Dark Corners of the Land (DA, AG)

Stephen Barber‘s The Walls of Berlin (RM)
Joe Brainard’s I Remember (ST)
Paul Buck’s Performance: The Biography of a 60s Masterpiece (RM)
David Byrne’s How Music Works (DA, ST)
Nick Cohen’s You Can’t Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom (MD)
Katerina Deligiorgi’s The Scope of Autonomy (RM)
Alan Gilbert‘s Black Patriots & Loyalists (RM)
Owen Hatherley‘s A New Kind of Bleak (RM)
Leslie Hill’s Maurice Blanchot & Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch (AG)
Christopher HitchensMortality (DA)
Andrew Hugill’s ‘Patatphysics: A Useless Guide (RM)
Hilary Kornblith’s On Reflection (RM)
Brian Leiter‘s Why Tolerate Religion (RM)
Robert Macfarlane’s The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot (ST)
Dr Brooke Magnanti’s The Sex Myth (MD)
D.T. Max’s Every Love Story is a Ghost Story (ST)
A.W. Moore’s The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics (DW)
Sinéad Murphy’s The Art Kettle (ST)
Sonia Purnell’s Just Boris: A Tale of Blond Ambition (MD)
Alan Ryan’s The Making of Modern Liberalism (RM)
Oliver Sacks’ Hallucinations (DA)
Simon Sellars & Dan O’Hara’s Extreme Metaphors: Interviews with JG Ballard (ST)
Charles Shaw’s Exile Nation (KN)
Ali Smith’s Artful (AA, ST)
Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice for Love & Life by Dear Sugar (KN)
Emily van Buskirk & Andrei Zorin’s Lidiya Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities (RM)
Katerina van Grouw’s The Unfeathered Bird (RM)

Mary Talbot’s Dotter of her Father’s Eyes (ST)
Chris Ware’s Building Stories (ST)

Viv Albertine’s The Vermilion Border (AG)
Beach House’s Bloom (DW)
David Byrne & St Vincent’s Love This Giant (DA)
Django Django’s Django Django (DA)
Bob Dylan’s Tempest (RM)
Daughn Gibson’s All Hell
Nils Frahm’s Screws (ST)
Grizzly Bear’s Shields (DA)
Melody’s Echo Chamber’s Melody’s Echo Chamber (DA)
Seti the First’s Melting Cavalry (ST)
The XX’s Coexist (AG)

The Amazing Spider-Man, dir. Marc Webb (RM)
Anna Karenina, dir. Joe Wright (RM)
The Avengers, dir. Joss Whedon (RM)
Barbaric Genius, dir. Paul Duane (ST)
Being Flynn, dir. Paul Weitz (RM)
5 Broken Cameras, dir. Emad Burnat & Guy (DA)
Gerhard Richter Painting, dir. Corinna Belz (RM)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, dir. Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor (RM)
London: The Modern Babylon, dir. Julien Temple (ST)
The Master, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson (KN)
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, dir. Matthew Akers (ST)
Patience (After Sebald), dir. Grant Gee (AA)
Prometheus, dir. Ridley Scott (RM, ST)
Rust and Bone, dir. Jacques Audiard (DW)
The Turin Horse, dir. Béla Tarr (DA, AG, ST)
The Woman in Black, dir. James Watkins (RM)

Asymptote (ST)
Mineshaft (DA)
Music & Literature (ST)
The New Inquiry (MM, ST)
New Scientist (RM)
Paper Darts (AG)
Peninsula (ST)
The Portable Museum (ST)
The White Review (AA)
The Wire (DA)
Wired (RM)

Book Works (RM)
Galley Beggar Press (AG, ST)
Honest Publishing (ST)
Melville House (AA, AG)
Notting Hill Editions (ST)
Ox & Pigeon (ST)
Oxford University Press (RM)
Princeton University Press (RM)
Seagull (ST)
Sylph Editions (DW)
Solid Objects (DW)
Sort Of Books (MM)
TamTam Books (ST)
Tara Books (DA)
Tyrant Books (DW)
Visual Editions (ST)

Berfrois (ST)
Bright Stupid Confetti (ST)
50 Watts (DA)
Found (KN)
Leiter Reports (RM)
Letters of Note (DA)
LRB blog (AA)
Los Angeles Review of Books (AG, DW)
Adam Curtis’ The Medium & the Message (DA)
Mister Trippy (RM)
The Modernist Journals Project (DA)
Review 31 (ST)
The Rumpus (KN)
The Splintered Mind (RM)
3 Quarks Daily (RM)

Darran Anderson / Anna Aslanyan / Max Dunbar / Andrew Gallix / Mira Mattar / Richard Marshall / Kimberley Nicholls / Susan Tomaselli / David Winters

The Missing Links (published 22/12/2012)

An interview with William Gass. * 3:AM‘s David Winters reviews Christine Schutt‘s Prosperous Friends. * Chris Kraus: “Reading theory, like reading poetry, is exhilarating”. * Brian Dillon interviews William Klein. * Tao Lin on the future of the novel. * China Miéville on the future of the novel. * Towards Prehumanism. * Confessions of an agoraphobic victim. * On Kate Zambreno‘s Heroines. * Bibliosexuality. * Book game at Shakespeare and Company. * On Julian Maclaren-Ross. * McLaren and Westwood. * Johnny Thunders hanging from a cross. * The prosaic sublime of Béla Tarr. * Carmen Horse meets Turin Horse. * The negative outlines of our never doing. * Geoff Dyer‘s renovation of contemporary non-fiction. * What kind of writer is Geoff Dyer? * Tim Parks learns to speak American. * The corruption of high culture, according to Roger Scruton. * Dalkey Archive seeks slave. * Lynne Tillman: “To return to Kafka, we don’t know what has damaged us. That’s what haunts me”. * There is a labyrinth which is a straight line. * The birth of musique concrète. * The story behind The Pogues‘ “Fairytale of New York“. * Blake Butler‘s playlist for Sky Saw. * Prologue to Roberto Bolaño’s Woes of a True Policeman. * Jonathan Woods’ A Death in Mexico. * Cult British movies. * William Burroughs and Susan Sontag on meeting Beckett. * What happens when you wait? * Randee Dawn‘s Home for the Holidays. * Badaude‘s lover. * Carl Kohler‘s authorportraits. * The drawings of Roland Barthes (see above pic). Watch the video here.