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#currentlyreading (published 08/01/2013)

Michael Bracewell’s The Space Between: Collected Writings. From the publisher’s website:

Michael Bracewell approaches visual art through its cultural context, the lens of the recent past and prolonged looking. He focuses on detailed descriptions of artworks, expanding their interpretation to include media, politics, music, poetry and other areas of cultural production. Together, the texts read as a history of the UK and British art from 1959 to the present day, featuring artists such as Richard Hamilton, Bridget Riley, Gilbert & George and Damien Hirst. Each essay is accompanied by an illustration selected by Bracewell himself. The collection concludes with a body of recent autobiographical writings, entitled ‘Germany is Your America’.

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#currentlyreading (published 03/01/2013)

Nicholas Royle’s First Novel. From FictionBitch:

…this clever and thought-provoking novel more than touches on the issues with which this blog has often been concerned: the complex relationship between fiction and reality, the sometimes blurred edges between the two and the way that each can deeply affect the other. (Not to mention the issues around the teaching of Creative Writing.) Paul Kinder has difficulty distinguishing between right and left, on and off, and, as the novel progresses, in making choices of action, underlining the important point that not only is fiction contingent, poised on multiple narrative possibilities, reality is too – a point generally belied by conventional narrative which fixes reality into single possibility. Everything here is under question, even metafiction, and so by implication First Novel‘s own metafictive status. Paul asks Helen of her own metafictive piece in which he and she appear: Would it seem bold taken out of context? If you weren’t you and I wasn’t me?

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Include me out, in (published )

Dubliners, there’s a screening tomorrow evening, Friday 4th January, of the artist Alan Phelan‘s short film Include Me Out of the Partisans Manifesto, based on Tony White‘s short story Include Me Out, at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, with Tony in attendance. More details here. Hope to see you there!