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Instant Cinema (published 11/02/2013)

by Jeff Keen (1965).

#currentlyreading (published 05/02/2013)

Jack Hirschman’s Elixeevitan: A Memoir of Djuna Barnes, Hirschman’s essay written in 1982 upon the death of Barnes but unpublished until now.

Further: Bottle of Smoke Press / ‘Chorosho! An Auto/Biographical Sketch of Jack Hirschman’ / Djuna Barnes at HiLobrow / ‘Embracing the quirkiness of Djuna Barnes’.

“Is he related to Boris, perhaps?” (published 03/02/2013)

In August 2006 we held the ‘Value This Man’ night for BS Johnson at The Crown in Clerkenwell. Of the organisers, Andrew Stevens was challenged by several rather earnest attendees over his ‘mandate’ to stage it, Paul Ewen couldn’t even get there from Amsterdam and Lee Rourke was dumped by his then girlfriend around the corner. In all, a success. Fiery Elephant biographer Jonathan Coe, long time admirer and writer David Quantick and Christie Malry director Paul Tickell, as well as Philip Tew and Zulfikar Ghose, paid tribute in front of an audience including Johnson’s family.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of his birth and the publication of a new anthology of his prose writing, a panel including Coe and Tew will be speaking at the British Library for ‘BS Johnson: His Life and Legacy’ on the evening of February 15, with tickets and more information available at the British Library website.