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The Missing Links (published 17/03/2013)

Picabia‘s legendary 391 magazine. * William Gass, 1977: “I write because I hate. A lot. Hard”. * Donald Barthelme‘s syllabus. * The inscrutable brilliance of Anne Carson. * Lacan’s Joyce. * “So, no-one really reads this or knows me here, or cares about it if they do know me or not, so what am I doing pushing these pieces of nothing into nowhere, for what, for myself?” * Amit Chaudhuri interviewed. * Gilles Deleuze ABC. * Forty hours of Roland Barthes lectures, 1977-78, including his lectures on “The Neutral“. * Georges Perec on the infra-ordinary. * We are the Modernists: “[W]hat could possibly link 1980s suburban oiks in Fred Perry shirts to sharply dressed 1960s existentialists? This book, written by an academic, attempts an answer, contending that Mod was not only ‘the first distinctively British youth culture’ but ‘a popular form of modernism — that stream of creativity in Europe and America that began in the early 20th century as an avant garde reaction to mainstream aesthetics, morality and politics'”. * The great illusion of the self. * Knausgaard interview. * Walter Benjamin‘s juvenilia. * A history of neon: “What, in the end, makes advertisements so superior to criticism? Not what the moving red neon sign says — but the fiery pool reflecting it in the asphalt” (Walter Benjamin). * Andrei Tarkovsky‘s juvenilia. * Richard Hell‘s New York. His autobiography is reviewed here. * NY 77: The Coolest Year in Hell. * An interview with Glen Matlock. * Nick Kent: best-dressed man in town? * ‘A litter from Vladimir Dixon to Gem’s Choice’. * David Rose‘s introduction to The Syllabus of Errors. * Writers’ blocks. * Has the world finally caught up with Sam Lipsyte? * How a mordant jokester with a madman’s imagination became a literary rock star. * David Shields interviewed in The Rumpus. * On Gombrowicz‘s Kronos. * Andrea Barrett: “We all feel unhoused in some sense. That’s part of why we write”. * The confessions of Robert Crumb. * A review of Ray Brassier‘s Nihil Unbound. * Guy Debord and Asger Jorn‘s Fin de Copenhague. * Louis-Ferdinand Céline sings! * 1970s railway stations. * Peter Cook‘s The Establishment Club. * Influence and authenticity of l’Inconnue de la Seine. * The first novel ever written on a word processor. * In praise of concision. * Rudimentary Peni album reissues. * Ivan Vladislavic interviewed in The White Review. * Derek Beaulieu on his upcoming How to Read exhibition. * Douglas Rushkoff on “present shock”. * Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers interviewed. * Two poems by Nicholas Rombes. * Alain Robbe-Grillet‘s Project for a Revolution in New York. * Hitler’s Superman. * Hitler’s philosophers. * Great picture of Viv Albertine, New York, 1981. * Orange Juice, 1981. * Nabokov and the theatre of history.