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The Missing Links (published 10/03/2013)

Kit Caless reviews Lee Rourke‘s excellent Varroa Destructor, forthcoming from 3:AM Press: “There is a twinkling humour that runs through the book: a kind of funny nihilism through which Rourke brings a dark beauty to the mundane”. * On Félix Guattari‘s unpublished SF film script. * An excerpt from Iain Sinclair‘s forthcoming American Smoke. * Juliet Jacques goes in search of the miraculous. * Inexhaustible instants. * Will Self pays a visit to occupied Sussex and asks students never to ignore the “Chicken of Depression”. * Edmond Jabès. * Clarice Lispector (from The Apple in the Dark). * George Egerton‘s Wedlock. * Cosmic pessimism. * Lars Iyer interviewed in The Spectator. * Brod insults Brod. * Will Self on Britain’s far right. * David Auerbach‘s great review of Perec‘s La boutique obscure. * Nicholas Lezard reviews Stewart Home‘s new novel: “It is almost as if the book is an enactment of the very sloppiness of the society it seeks to indict, or describe. It is very cheeky of Home to have his cake and eat it like this: yet you have to admire cheek at this level”. * New Anne Pigalle video. * The only known recording of Freud, 1938. * Popping a lozenge into her mouth. * Paul Celan reads Japanese. * Congratulations to Tom McCarthy, who is among the winners of the inaugural Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literature Prizes. * Dylan Nice interviewed at Bookslut: Gary [Lutz] was the first writing teacher I had who showed me that the sentence was capable of art. He would underline good sentences and interrogate bad ones. Verbs would be circled and Gary would ask ‘inevitable?’ And no, the verb was not inevitable, and I’d never considered that concept before, inevitability. It smacks of the eternal, a text beyond the writer to which the writer submits”. * On Sam Lipsyte. * The ever wonderful Judy Nylon. * William Burroughs‘s “We Are the Night Family” tape cut-up, 1964. * When Bowie met Burroughs. * Brian Dillon on Helen Marten. * Blank Generation, 1980. * Richard Hell in the New York Times. * Information about Hell‘s long-awaited autobiography is beginning to filter through. Here’s a bit about the Pistols: “‘I felt almost as if they were my dream, my mental production.’ But he also acknowledges that the Pistols had something he didn’t. Johnny Rotten, he writes, ‘was all energy and extroversion. He galvanized the kids. I was the opposite, a sullen forlorn junkie outcast who just wanted to be left alone, except by admiring girls.'” There’s a short review of the memoir here, and another one there. And also this. * The New York Dolls live, 1973. * Rupert Thomson: “By day, he worked on accounts for ‘helicopters, face cream or window cleaner’, while by night he was a clubber on London’s punk scene — ‘I was once set on fire at the Marquee when a girl called Tampax put a match to my bin-liner T-shirt”. * An interview with Billy Childish: “They ask for distinguishing marks on your passport and I wanted to have ‘tattoo on left-buttock’. So I thought I’d go for a Kurt Schwitters poem”; “The art galleries of today are set up for art tourism”. * Scarcity of Tanks. * Joseph Nechvatal interviewed. * London’s Kings Road in the summer of 1976. * An interview with Steve Reich. * The missing link between Wire and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. * Adam Biles and Joanna Walsh talk about Paris on Resonance FM. * David Shields 1. * David Shields 2. * Albert Cossery in Egypt. * In praise of William Cobbett.

[Pic: Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957.]