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The Missing Links (published 18/06/2013)

Vintage motel postcards. * Faulkner cubed. * In the Undercroft. * This year’s Paris Literary Prize (the second) goes to C. E. Smith for Body Electric. * Maurice Nadeau R.I.P. * Maurice Nadeau by John Calder. * Trailer for forthcoming J.D. Salinger documentary. * On this year’s Serpentine Gallery pavillion. * Nice interview with Olivier Assayas. * Sofia Coppola in Interview magazine. * Geoff Dyer on Garry Winogrand. * Pocket Notes “documents process, charts, maps, lists, graphs, diagrams, drafts, recordings, and the leftovers of experimentation”. * Borges takes a leak (see above). * An interview with Masha Tupitsyn: “[D]eep emotion in this age is a radical act”. * The shock of the New, 1982. * Desert modernism. * A new translation of Kafka‘s The Man Who Disappeared. * William Gaddis: a very fine shambles. * More on the letters of William Gaddis. * From Old Notebooks. * Terry Eagleton reviews Paul Morley‘s The North. * Christine SchuttThe Duchess of Albany“. * Krasznahorkai and Sæterbakken. * Seeing through Edward Hopper. * The Charleston Bulletin Supplements. * Celebrating Federico Garcia Lorca. * John Updike interview, 1968. * A memory of Arturo Vega. * Black Flag and Raymond Pettibon. * James Wood on Rachel Kushner‘s The Flamethrowers: “It is nominally a historical novel (it’s set in the mid-seventies), and, I suppose, also a realist one (it works within the traditional grammar of verisimilitude). But it manifests itself as a pure explosion of now: it catches us in its mobile, flashing present, which is the living reality it conjures on the page at the moment we are reading”. * Rachel Kushner interviewed in the New Yorker, Paris Review, and by Hari Kunzru. * Art and photography curated by Rachel Kushner. * David Bowie and The Riot Squad cover the Velvet Underground in 1967. * Writers and children. * Sorbonne Confidential. * Punk is dad. * Niven Govinden Black Bread White Beer reviewed. * The disappontment of cinema. * Feminist photography from the 1970s. * “In Case of Emergency” by Matthew Newton. * On gesture writing. * Dan Holloway on “Alt Lit: “At what point is recycling the creation of something new — at what point does it cease being theft and start becoming a necessary part of progress? The mainstreaming of fanfiction has hinted at the question and perhaps it is Alt Lit that forces it into conversation”. * World Literature Series 2012-13. * Mickey Mouse in Vietnam, 1968. * Tibor Fischer on Céline: “…a tone that would become a staple of late-20th-century writing, through to Johnny Rotten gurning at his audience”. * Craig Brown: Sebald was just Ronnie Corbett with indigestion”. * Manchester’s legendary Twisted Wheel club bulldozed.

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