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The Missing Links (published 06/09/2013)

An interview with Giancarlo DiTrapano of the mighty Tyrant Books. * Laurence Rémila on Renaud Burel, the writer who wasn’t there. * Robert Walser‘s disappearing acts. * Walser‘s short works reviewed. * An in-depth interview with Douglas Glover. * Stephen Sparks on living in San Francisco. * George Szirtes interviews László Krasznahorkai. * An extract from Krasznahorkai‘s Seiobo There Below, plus a review. * An interview with Béla Tarr. * Stig Saeterbakken‘s Through the Night reviewed. * Ben Marcus on Thomas Bernhard. * Lars Iyer and Joe Milutis (audio). * Tim Parks on Elfriede Jelinek. * Reality and fiction. * Gerhard Richter painting. * David Shields‘s favourite books that could save your life. * Blaise Cendrars. * The one and only Gavin James Bower on Claude Cahun. * Chris Kraus in conversation with Sheila Heti. * An ode to the blonde flight attendant. * Italo Calvino‘s San Remo. *Things Deborah Levy doesn’t want to know. * Deborah Levy interviewed in 2004: “What I don’t want to happen to me is that thing that happens to so many Women — it’s as if we burst out of the birthday cake without context, history, or past with every book. Better to have body of work than a body covered in chocolate and cream… it lasts longer”. * Cioran on Beckett. * Filleted philosophy. * Will Self on JG Ballard‘s The Drowned World: “However, it is only since Ballard’s death in 2009 that the consensus has steadily formed that he was the most important British writer of the latter half of the 20th century — a development he himself naturally anticipated, with his deadpan aperçu: ‘For a writer, death is always a career move’.” * Will Self on plagiarism. * The glorious times of the Situationist International. * Simon Critchley and Jamieson Webster on rereading Hamlet. * Morrissey unbowed. * Weird vintage. * An interview with Jonathan Coe. * Rebecca Solnit: “In or around June 1995 human character changed again”. * Chaos to couture. * Richard Hell at City Lights. * The Clash on Front Row. * The Dead Kennedys gritty aesthetics. * The ghosts of existentialism. * Library of the printed web. * The Frankfurt School and the Nazis. * The 10 best French presidential election posters. * David Lynch and Transcendental Meditation. * Nicholas Rombes presents his new Time Frames column. * Tao Lin and Ben Brooks in conversation. * The erotic art of keeping clothes on. * Cabin porn. * Pierre Reverdy. * Blake Butler on Stephen Dixon. * Editions Inculte have revamped their website. * Will Self and Philip Gourevitch discuss George Orwell’s legacy (audio). * The real story of The Runaways. * Miniature book paintings. * Pic (see also here).

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Fiction submissions (published 01/09/2013)

We accept submissions during the months of September and December. Submissions should be sent, as an attachment, to Greg Gerke. Please include a short third-person biography. The word limit for stories is 2,000 words. Any additional submission sent when the first one was not yet replied to, will be deleted.