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INS Statement on Digital Capitalism (published 25/03/2014)

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf welcomes INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy and INS Chief Philosopher Simon Critchley to deliver a statement.

Rendezvous: 1900h, Friday 4 April 2014, Salon des Amateurs, Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

[Pic: Tom McCarthy by Andrew Gallix.]

The Missing Links (published 22/03/2014)

B’dum B’dum: “I thought of it as an attack, but not in any straightforward, upfront ‘I’ll show you my fists’ man sort of thing. It was just an attempt to step sideways and shadow-box with a few phantoms” (Howard Devoto, 1978). * A preliminary phenomenology of the self-checkout. * Lydia Davis interviewed in the Quarterly Conversation, and in BOMB: “My father wore trifocals — the ultimate English professor”. * Justin Taylor reviews the new Lydia Davis. * 3:AM‘s David Winters on Lydia Davis‘s The End of the Story. * Three new poems by John Ashbery. * Fredric Jameson responds. * The Antinomies of Realism symposium. * Teju Cole:“‘[T]he novel’ is overrated, and the writers I find most interesting find ways to escape it”. * The covers of Deborah Levy‘s books. * Clarice Lispector‘s last interview. * Nina Hagen. * Walter Benjamin‘s afterlife. * The strange case of Paul de Man. * Gainsbourg interviews Antoine Blondin, 1989. * L’instant qui précède. * Brian Dillon reviews William H. Gass‘s On Being Blue. * Excellent Financial Times video on Ruin Lust. Review of the exhibition here. * Berlin: city of decay. * Rachel Kushner in the company of truckers. * Rachel Kushner interviewed on  KQED. * John Lydon, 1980. * Brian Dillon on The Hamlet Doctrine. * Mark Fisher on depression. * Futurist cooking. * Degenerate art. * Some writer’s shed. * On Nanni Belestrini‘s Tristano: “When Balestrini realised that digital printing technology had advanced to the stage where his dream of a novel with a huge number of possible variations was now feasible, he and his son came up with a system which would regulate the dismantling and re-ordering of the original Tristano, every time producing a different novel with its own individually-numbered cover”. * Ray Brassier on accelerationism. * More accelerationism. * A kind of permission. * Writers into saints. * On Knausgaard. * Americans in Paris. * Andrew Hussey‘s The French Intifada. Review here. * Kim Gordon profiled. * Conceptual writing. * Psychedelic Mad Men. * Alain Resnais obituary. * Henri Cartier-Bresson: “All human life is here, but everyone seems distracted by something other than the main event. It takes a while to register that this is the real subject matter: Cartier-Bresson is telling us that life is always elsewhere, even as he is recording it unfolding”. More here. * Pictures of Henri-Cartier Bresson by fellow photographers. * Christiana Spens reviews the Cartier-Bresson exhibition. * Darran Anderson reviews the David Lynch exhibition in Paris. * In search of Arthur Scargill. * A Q & A with Carl Barat. * Robert Stone and Rachel Kushner (video). * Rachel Kushner on the writing process (video). * Rachel Kushner: By the Book. * An excellent interview with Rachel Kushner in Guernica. * Rachel Kushner in The Nation. * Jim Jarmusch. More here. * Burroughs at 100. * Alain Resnais Day. * Beautiful People. * Audio Ammunition (documentary on The Clash). * The Clash live in Munich, 1977. * The Clash live in Paris, 1980. * Punk sociology. * Vivienne Westwood on her early days. * Vivien Goldman on jews in punk. * The Screamers‘ 1977-78 demos. * Can writers make ends meet? * Gary Numan on “Are ‘Friends” Electric?” * Sex and literature: Edwarda. * Simon Callow reviews Edmund White‘s Inside a Pearl. * Derek Jarman‘s legacy. * Ben Marcus in the Guardian: “For Marcus, the attraction of maths is that it requires no external exposition. ‘There’s not a subordinate language you use to describe it to lay people. It’s a pursuit that has no literary criticism, an explicator. It’s defined by itself. I admire the purity of that. When someone asks my dad what he does, he can give the label for it. If someone says to me, ‘What’s your story about?’, unfortunately, there is an accepted language for that. I just can’t stand it. But there is one. Whereas there isn’t one for him. There’s no way to present this deluded, distorted version of it in plain speech’.” * Walter Benjamin‘s writing tips. * Hari Kunzru, Deborah Levy and others on liberty. * Zadie Smith‘s first-person plural. * Scarcity of Tanks. * Remembering the early days of the World Wide Web. * Michael Caine on The Ipcress File, 1965. * Nicholas Rombes on trailers. * Oliver Harris and Sam Jordison discuss William Burroughs. * William Burroughs and the death of the image. * Translating Lorem Ipsum. * How they made Wallace and Gromit and Breaking Glass. * How New Orleans got its groove back. * The battle of the banlieues. * The books that influenced Jenny Offill‘s Department of Speculation. * Ben Marcus interviewed. * Bobbi Lurie and Marcel Duchamp. * In praise of Ivor Cutler. * The Bohemyth‘s all-female issue. * On Bill Drummond‘s art.