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The Missing Links (published 18/05/2014)

The Invisible Book. * On Francesca Woodman. * Ben Lerner: “I came here tonight to open you up / To interference heard as music”. * Ben Lerner on Knausgaard. * Karl Ove Knausgaard on spring. * Out to where storytelling does not reach. * Art does not know a beyond. * The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing Tumblr. * My interview with Nicholas Rombes. * Adam Thirlwell on literature in a distracted era. * Eimear McBride interviewed by Darran Anderson. * Darran Andeson on the Van Gogh/Artaud exhibition. * Why does so much classical music sound unfinished? * Books that end mid-sentence. * Ben Marcus‘s Leaving the Sea reviewed. * Virginia Woolf‘s darkness. * Brian Dillon in conversation with Lauren Elkin. * Six documentaries about J.G. Ballard. * Ballard’s conceptual advertisements. * DNA live. * How much self can be removed and the self remain? * Gabriel Garcia Marquez RIP. * Marquez and magical realism by Edmund White. * At the crossroads of music, literature, and art, with Will Self, Iain Sinclair, and Chris Gollon. * Will Self, man of the crowd. * Will Self on the death of the novel. * Artists’ brains “structurally different”. * Lives in writing. * Banville on Beckett. * A review of Beckett‘s Echo’s Bones. * Film: Beckett‘s only film. * The dark galleries. * Rachel Kushner introduces Anna. * Rachel Kushner‘s Telex from Cuba reviewed. * The story behind Kingsley Amis‘s James Bond novel. * Mods and rockers fifty years on. * Britpop London. * The smoke ghosts of art. * Hannah Arendt TV interview, 1964. * Brian Dillon on aphorisms (via). * Bobbi Lurie with Marcel Duchamp. * Thurston Moore on Jack Ruby. * What happens when a riot grrrl grows up. * Chris Power on the short story. * Art as therapy. * Barry Hannah in the Paris Review. * The technical composition of conceptualism. * How Joanna Hogg‘s Exhibition was made. * Billy Childish interviewed. * Billy Childish. * John Berger on Cataract. * A review of Sofia Norlin‘s Broken Hill Blues. * A guide to Laszlo Krasznahorkai. * Josef Albers‘ rare black-and-white drawings. * Gabriel Matzneff. * 12 writers on the female authors who inspired them. * If Walt Whitman vlogged. * Matt Bell on Christine Schutt. * Alan Bennett’s preference for American fiction. * Do critics make good novelists? * Philosophers of Babel. * Sid Vicious. * Paris Views. * Chris John Dewitt‘s pictures of Berlin in the 80s. * An interview with Jonathan Meades. * The Greta Garbo of American letters. * Google’s Grand Canyon Plan. * Jacques Testard interviewed. * A new story by Lydia Davis. * An interview with Lydia Davis. * Joe Orton‘s brief brilliant career. * Foucault and Chomsky. * Morrissey and McCulloch. * 10 overlooked novels. * What the Internet sounds like. * Why the Greeks still rule the stage. * The most expensive word in history. * The Ramones at forty. * Isidore Isou‘s Venom and Eternity, 1951.