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The Missing Links (published 04/04/2015)


The photography of Wim Wenders. * “The Dreadful Mucamas” by Lydia Davis. * Spiderman and fetish art. * An interview with Peter Markus: “Can fiction do that, make a world that is its own, a world that isn’t anchored down by the world in which it is actually written in? Of course it can“. * 3:AM‘s K. Thomas Kahn reviews Nathalie Léger. * Joe Milutis‘s Bright Arrogance column. * Diane Williams: “A splendid plot cannot rescue a project spoiled by deficient language”. * Plastic words. * Lost Book Found by Jem Cohen. * Otto A Totland and Moon Ate the Dark live. * Anna Rose Carter‘s website. * 43 tracks composed by Friedrich Nietzsche. * Max Liu interviews Ben Lerner. * Jonathan Lethem and Ben Arthur in conversation. * An extract from Adam Kotsko‘s Creepiness. * William Bronk? * Donald Barthelme interviewed by George Plimpton (thanks to HP Tinker). * Mods vs rockers. * Squatting in London. * Jean Améry‘s Suicide Notes. * On Lola Ridge. * Brian Dillon reviews Memory Theatre. * Knausgaard dancing in the dark. * Knausgaard interviewed in The Observer. * An excerpt from My Struggle Book Four. * Another excerpt here. * An interview with Jeremy M. Davies. * The French Intifada. * Deborah Levy, Will Self, and others in Berlin video (thanks to Dirk Felleman). * Will Self on the meaning of skyscrapers. * Will Self and John Gray on freedom and determinism. * Nightwalking. * An interview with Jonathan Meades: “I don’t think you can say anything about the world if you just represent it literally – you have to be at an angle to it”. * Totally Mexico!: “At 10 years’ remove the show [Nathan Barley] seems less a comedy and more a documentary about the future”. * Geoff Dyer on Raymond Williams. * Jeremy M. Davies talks to Scott Esposito: “As much as herding cats, Rumrill’s concerns include such heroic undertakings as ‘leaving the house and buying milk without having a breakdown,’ and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t experienced some of his difficulties with the everyday, if in less fanciful form”. * Maggie Nelson interviewed. * The future of loneliness. * Adam Green interviewed. * Genesis P. Orridge (video interview). * Tom McCarthy: a Kafka for the Google age. * Duncan White on Satin Island: “Every chapter – no, every sentence – invites you to plunge deeper into the book’s dark pool, groping for the submerged pattern. It is as if you are trying to read two books at once. There is the conventional one – paper and ink – but this is only the gateway to the second, which is a vast virtual blueprint of the novel’s hidden architecture, detailing its dizzying connections. Reading a McCarthy novel is like being in a McCarthy novel: everything is part of a fizzing network, the scope of which can never be fully apprehended”. * Tom McCarthy in Flavorwire. * Tom McCarthy and the buffer symbol. * Daniel Pierce reviews Satin Island. * Satin Island – The Movie. * Tom McCarthy (audio interview). * Simon Critchley on suicide. * Burning art. * Auto-destructive music. * The strange case of Rachel Kushner. * Audrey Siourd‘s pictures of women reading books in the Paris metro. * Hysterical literature (see photo). * Creative epiphanies. * Stories from small-time America. * On Ackroyd‘s Hitchcock. * An interview with Steve Reich. * A Jewish take on the roots of punks (video). * How will it end for Don Draper? * Don Draper: chronicle of a death foretold. * Mad Men‘s costume designer interviewed. * Princeton acquires Jacques Derrida‘s personal library. * Picasso’s postcards. * An extract from Altman. * Francis Bacon‘s vision of the Crucifixion. * Antoine Volodine: the post-exotic novel wants to destroy reality. * An interview with Renata Adler. * Parklife revisited. * Houellebecq in the flesh. * Beckett in love. * McKenzie Wark and Kathy Acker.