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The Missing Links (published 11/06/2015)


On Erik Satie: “There are many kinds of eccentric and Satie was most of them”. * Malcolm McLaren‘s Paris: Capital of the XXIst Century. * An interview with Joshua Cohen: “One thing I did — which, if we tried it, would make this interview a lot easier for me, and a lot more difficult for you — was to write the answers first, and then write the questions second”. * Jaws40 years on. * Brian Dillon on curiosity (audio). * John Cheever reads “The Swimmer“. * New Rema-Rema releases here. See our interview with Gary Asquith. * Claire-Louise Bennett: “I began to write — not to make sense of things, the opposite in fact. I wrote in order to keep rationality and purpose at bay, to prolong and bask in the rhythmic chaos of existence, and luxuriate in the magnificent mystery of everything”. * Claire-Louise Bennett interviewed. * A review of Claire-Louise Bennett‘s Pond. * Rediscovering Brigid Brophy. * Joanna Walsh on Christine Brooke-Rose (audio). * Christine Schutt discusses Nightwork (video). * An introduction to Georges Bataille. * Last Best Hiding Place. * Hari Kunzru on László Krasznahorkai‘s Seiobo There Below: “As the worthy winner of this year’s Man Booker International prize, Krasznahorkai throws down a challenge: raise your game or get your coat”. Another review here. * Everything you need to know about László Krasznahorkai. More here. * An interview with Adam Thirlwell. * On Adam Thirlwell‘s Lurid & Cute. * PiL: the Ritz riot show. * An extract from Brian Dillon‘s The Great Explosion. * The daily life of gods. * Rediscovering Dorothy M Richardson‘s Pointed Roofs: “Its charm cannot be communicated”. * Suzanne Scanlon interviewed by Kate Zambreno. * Tim Parks: “At one point Mendelsund posits the idea that perhaps we read in order not to be oppressed by the visual, in order not to see”. *  Le Corbusier and body fascism. * An interview with Todd Cronan. * Six new tracks by Mick Jones. * An interview with Tim Parks. * The novel’s forking path. * Experimental fiction now by Daniel Green. * Daniel Green‘s review of 3:AM Co-Editor-in-Chief David Winters‘ brilliant Infinite Fictions. * 3:AM Magazine‘s K. Thomas Kahn reviews Nicolas Rothwell’s Belomor. * Awesome interview of 3:AM‘s Poetry Editor SJ Fowler: “The traditional, dominant mode of poetry is founded upon the notion that the poet can control language to represent the profound experiences of life. In so doing they employ means which are less than the things they wish to represent. In anecdotes, observation and conversation, and with sentiment, they reduce the world onto their pages. They transfuse life. Faced with overwhelming complexity, the response is assuredness. This is disingenuous at best, ignorant at worst. The contemporary, or what is called experimental poet, is making what is immensely complex in existence equally complex in language. This is what my work is about”. * The rise of Tom Drury. * An interview with Lydia Davis. * John Cooper Clarke on Vorticism. * The Manifesto of Futurist Woman. * The Association of Autonomous Astronauts. * The eeriness of the English countryside. * What knowledge do novels have? * Marshall McLuhan: “I read only the right-hand pages of serious books”. * New Orleans literature. * Henri Lefebvre’s archive of absence. * Jem Cohen profiled, and interviewed here. * The life of Saul Bellow: “Leader’s idea seems to be that if you lay the various fictions on top of each other, palimpsest-style, the repetitions and approximations will produce a reasonably good image of the truth – there will be a kind of darkening towards fact”. * Anne Carson on eclipses. * The Viagra Man. * A portrait of Frank Auerbach: “He says the obligation to take account of the art that has gone before carries two demands: ‘first that you attempt to do something of a comparable scale and standard, which is impossible; second that you try and do something that has never been done before, that is also impossible. So in the face of this you can either just chuck it in, or you can spend all your energy and time and hopes in trying to cope with it. You will fail. But as Beckett very kindly said for all of us, ‘try again, fail better’, and painting just took me over'”. * Gentrification. * The history of glitch art. * The story of Alice. * Michel Foucault‘s “The Culture of the Self” lecture, 1983. * Foucault and Blanchot. * The perfect martini according to Buñuel. * Malcolm McLaren. * Philip Glass on his legacy (podcast). * Gary Lutz‘s flailing phrases. * Technology and the occult. * Leonora Carrington’s Google Doodle. * Leonora Carrington: wild at heart. * Geoff Dyer on today’s underground culture. * Deborah Levy and Kirsty Gunn on short-story writing (LRB podcast). * La Coupole: “a cemetery with cocktails” * Olivier Assayas interviewed. * How the language you speak changes your view of the world. * The secret life of the cycle courier. * The Village Voice and the birth of rock criticism. * Networks of sounds. * Crass and MI6. * Blondie against nuclear power. * Sex on the beach. * On Matthew De Abaitua‘s Self & I. See the excerpt we recently published in 3:AM. There’s also an extract in Five Dials. * Milan Kundera‘s reputation reassessed. * Unseen Garry Winogrand. * James Bridle on the launch of MacGuffin. * On Alfred Hitchcock.