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Reviews – A call for pitches / submissions (published 14/07/2015)

Enteroctopus Dofleini

3:AM Magazine seeks pitches and submissions of high quality literary criticism in all its forms.

See our preferred publishers list for an idea of what we want reviewed, and our extensive criticism section for examples of the writing we favour.

If there’s a particular title you want to review, check with either K. Thomas Kahn or Tristan Foster to make sure it’s not yet being covered. See the contact page for our individual areas of interest so you can direct your pitch or piece to the editor best suited to the text.

P.S. Fiction editor Joanna Walsh has also posted a call for diverse and experimental fiction submissions.

Fiction – A call for submissions (published 12/07/2015)


(photo shows Ann Quin reading her own work)


3:AM is opening fiction submissions for a short period. I’m looking for innovative, linguistically or formally experimental new writing. The opening date is today: 13th July 2015, and the closing date/time is midnight on 31st July (GMT).

Joanna Walsh, Fiction Editor.


Please read the guidelines carefully:

    • Under 3000 words, please. Standalone extracts from larger works are welcome, as well as short fiction in any form. Pieces should be previously unpublished in English. Submit no more than one piece of work per call for submissions.


    • Please send your writing as an attachment, with your name + title in the file name: e.g. Stein_Tenderbuttons.pdf, or AutobioAliceBT_Stein.doc. Please do not paste your piece into the body of your email.


    • Before sending your piece, you could have a look at some of the work 3:AM has published before – click on the Fiction tab at the top of this page.


    • It goes without saying that I want to encourage diversity in submissions, but I think I have to say it anyway, so DIVERSE SUBMISSIONS: YES, PLEASE!


    • I particularly welcome submissions in translation (with the written permission of original writer/publisher).


    • Please include a very short biography in your accompanying email (not in any accompanying attachment). This will go on the website if your piece is published, so keep it concise, and include links, if possible, to your personal site or whatever.


    • If you have sent me work while submissions were closed, please re-send during the open submissions period or I will not be able to consider it.


    • Depending on submission volume, I hope to be able to send acceptances by early September. Due to the volume of submissions I won’t be sending individual rejection notes. If you haven’t heard by the end of September I’m afraid it’s unlikely we’ll be using your piece. It’s fine to submit simultaneously to other magazines etc, but I would be grateful if you could let me know if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere.


    • No payment (sorry). 3:AM is currently a labour of love for both contributors & editors. Submit by email (click on my name here.)


Philosophical Toys Launch! (published 10/07/2015)

susana invite.001
Susana Medina‘s brilliant Philosophical Toys will be launched on Friday 17th July at the Cock Tavern’s Function Room (23 Phoenix Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 1HB). Introduced by Lorna Scott Fox and Joanna Walsh; followed by a screening of Susana Medina and Derek Ogbourne‘s Leather-Bound Stories. Be there or be sober!

Poetry Submissions Are Closed! (published 06/07/2015)


Poetry submissions to SJ Fowler are closed until 1 January 2016! However, all isn’t lost: you can catch Mr Fowler live at Tate Modern on 18 July. Here’s the blurb:

The London based poets, writers and artists Patrick Coyle and SJ Fowler perform new works that push the boundaries of what we understand by performance and poetry. Following an hour of performance this is an opportunity to join them in an in-depth discussion to further explore these disciplines and other notions of the avant-garde.

Patrick Coyle’s recent spoken performances take the form of guided tours and poetry readings that incorporate various encounters with language including overheard conversations, digital correspondence, fictional future dialects and invented alphabets. Reflecting on contemporary methods of remote communication, Coyle proposes an alternative form of verbal engagement originating from research into the origins of speech and writing systems.

SJ Fowler’s performance explores derivation, digression and the often overlooked contexts and implications of public speaking, reading and performing. Ebbing between accuracy and forgetfulness, his work investigates how language comes to us, and is given to us, when we read and listen. A performance about constraint, introduction, preamble and the tropes of speech, Fowler presents a series of language experiments sewn together into a new whole, covering poetry, art performance, sound, repetition and re-enactment.