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The Removals (published 22/04/2016)


The Removals, the directorial debut of 3:AM contributor Nicholas Rombes (author of the brilliant novel, The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing), premieres on May 4.

The movie, which tracks two agents as they try to undermine and escape the ideological confines of total media, was produced by the book publisher Two Dollar Radio. It’s part of their new venture to create films with bold visions independently and outside the traditional channels of finance, capital, and marketing.

Read Andrew Gallix’s in-depth interview with Nicholas Rombes here.

From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking (published )


Bertie Marshall‘s new novella, From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking, is now available. It is part of Publication Studio’s Fellow Travelers series, which “extends the pioneering work of Paris-based Olympia Press’s Traveller’s Companion series of the 1950s and 60s” by presenting new works that have been “effectively ‘censored’ by the market”. You’ll find pictures from the launch here.

The Missing Links (published )


Joanna Demers on drone music. * Esmé Weijun Wang: “In deciding to keep certain parts of my book in untranslated Chinese, I was making a commitment to including some readers and likely excluding most others; I was also making a commitment to the possibility of being unintelligible”. * Can an unfinished work of art be considered complete? * An evening for Tony Conrad. * Rachel Cusk on the suspension of disbelief. * Climbing Mount Sontag. * “That we no longer believe in the exalted status of Literature frees the writer to ‘believe in writing’ anew.” * Walking in unquiet landscapes. * Alex Pheby at Shakespeare and Company (audio). * Hans-Ulrich Obrist on curating (video). * Lara Feigel and Jon Day on writing the city (audio). * Jonathan Meades: “I hate the idea of experimental cookery, but I like the idea of experimental literature. I think the novel should be novel, rather than this institutionalised form which has developed, within which very few people seem prepared to break the mould”. * Jonathan Meades again: “I have no idea what that new photography will be but I am sure that if we have an end in mind when we begin we’ll simply return to where we were”. * Dustin Illingworth on the suicide note as literary genre. * Justine Frischmann — the painter. * Translating Knausgaard. * Knausgaard on writerly staying power. * Maggie Nelson at NYPL (video).

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