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Jean-Luc Nancy at four by three magazine (published 22/10/2016)



FOUR BY THREE MAGAZINE in conversation with Jean-Luc Nancy

What would it mean for philosophy to listen? What does silence or the self sound like? French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy talks to four by three magazine about the responsibility of philosophy, his approach to the arts, the noise of being and the difference between seeing and hearing oneself.

A Place Free of Judgement (published 20/10/2016)


On 29 October 2016, over the course of nine hours, teenagers in Worcester, Telford and Cannock will be taking control of their local libraries, and performing live to a worldwide audience. Through a unique project supported by Arts Connect and ASCEL West Midlands, the group have been working with award-winning artists Blast Theory and author Tony White (above) to reimagine libraries, storytelling and their place in the world. This work will come to life in an ambitious and fun nine-hour takeover of the three libraries, starting in Telford (3pm – 6pm), then Cannock (6pm – 9pm) and ending in Worcester (9pm – midnight).

The young people involved have been invited to reimagine the role of libraries as cultural centres and explore the power of storytelling. The stories that have been developed from the workshops will be told in three consecutive performances which will be streamed live here from 3pm – midnight on Saturday 29 October 2016. This groundbreaking project forges a new approach to collaborative arts engagement between artists, teenagers, audiences and local authorities.

Author Tony White comments; “It has been an incredible privilege to work with really inspiring and creative young people in Cannock, Telford, Worcester, and beyond, and I’ve learned a huge amount from all involved. When so many libraries are closing and under threat, I’m glad to have seen again first-hand the vital role that libraries and librarians play for young people today, and to have been reminded of just how important my local library was to me when I was their age. With A Place Free of Judgement, I feel that we are giving something back, and I hope people enjoy it.”