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3 short poems

By Zachary German.

robert is saying “i love you, i am in love with you”
someone else says “well, you don’t really know me very well”
and they talk about that
they drift apart and robert moves to a new town, and it is very
exciting, and then for work, he moves once more, and this time he
robert feels okay
later he misplaces something and feels upset

robert tells her “i love you i love you”
she says “you don’t really know very much about me” and every word is a song
robert thinks “i’m dumb, i’m so so dumb”
robert goes to riteaid
he buys new laces for his sneakers
he says out loud, the automatic doors closing behind him, enveloped by
cold, “i am happy”

one of robert’s friends moves away
robert tells a young woman “i love you”
robert sees the sun rise
he hears birds
he doesn’t feel happy like he thought he would


Zachary German is eighteen years old. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is writing his first novel.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, November 10th, 2007.