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3:AM Asia – An Interview with Koji Shiraishi


Director of the film Grotesque – banned in the UK – Koji Shiraishi talks movies and horror with David F. Hoenigman. Shiraishi says:

As the person who made it, I wanted to make something that was impressive, and then the producer said, “I want you to make something horribly violent, so violent that it almost can’t be shown”, as these were my orders, I embraced the challenge of making something stirring and emotional while portraying extreme violence. I wanted to portray people who withstood as much one-sided merciless violence as possible, who were unable to fight back, but who never entirely succumbed, not even in the end. I was also, as a director, interested in portraying the feelings of one who’d commit such crimes, so I didn’t want to abandon that angle. I thought merging these two things would be interesting. I kept that in mind as I made the film.

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First posted: Sunday, November 29th, 2009.

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