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3:AM Asia: Bunga Bungaku


The Daily Yomiuri reports: The publisher of a noted Japanese literary magazine has begun to publish online English translations of fiction related to the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake by 15 authors. Waseda Bungakukai, the publisher of literary magazine Waseda Bungaku, allows visitors to its site to download and read the stories for free, but urges them to make a monetary donation to help disaster victims.

The stories, which originally appeared in the latest issue of the annual literary magazine, are intended to convey the current state of affairs regarding the earthquake and tsunami disasters to a worldwide readership, according to Waseda Bungakukai. The 15 writers, including Akutagawa Award winners Kazushige Abe and Mieko Kawakami, wrote their works after the March 11 disaster and allowed the publisher to use them for free.

Three stories are currently available on the Waseda Bungakukai Web site. More will follow. The three are ‘Ride on Time’ by Abe, ‘Poola’s Return’ by Hideo Furukawa and ‘Almost Everything in the World’ by Shin Fukunaga.

First posted: Wednesday, September 21st, 2011.

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