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3:AM Book Of The Year 2005

Tom McCarthy‘s debut novel Remainder (a masterpiece waiting to happen — again and again and again) is officially 3:AM‘s Book of the Year 2005. Interviews with the author are appearing in Ready Steady Book and Dazed & Confused (mid-February), while the rave reviews continue to come in thick and fast. According to the TLS, “Remainder should be read (and, of course, reread) for its intelligence and humour”. Peter Carty points out in The Independent that “the title is not a positive portent for future sales” and warns that “Remainder might amount to no more than a cult,” before adding: “This would be unfortunate, because its minatory brilliance calls for classic status”. In a similar vein, Time Out claim that the book “will remain with you long after you have been compelled to re-read it”. In a virtually unprecedented move, Waterstone’s, the bookshop chain behemoth, recently got in touch with Metronome Press asking for copies of McCarthy’s novel — which should reassure Peter Carty and lovers of real literature everywhere.

Don’t forget that the first great writer of the 21st century will be appearing at our Xmas Bash on December 29th. More from the author in Scarecrow. More on the author here, there and everywhere.

First posted: Saturday, December 17th, 2005.

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