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3:AM Brasil: The Ballroom

By Jana Lauxen.

The ballroom followed crowded with masks.

862 people disguised.

Bright dresses touching the ground for the ladies, black and tight clothes for the gentlemen, music by well-trained orchestra, hats, decorated hall, clean napkins, shine cutlery, white balloons, discreet glances, cigarettes in extrapolated agave, moderated chats, drinks in tiny glasses, little food in dishes,

Finesse, Finesse.

And I, across the street, was drunk.

Because the gutter is kind;

My music is loud and screams;

My food is from the streets.

And for the most, I have a lot to choose from.

I know fellow traffickers, crazy poets, well-behaved tricksters.

I know that in every man there is a villain.

Then I cross the street and enter the hall.

Noisy and dirty, all eyes turning to me:

I am in screams and the smell is unbearable.

– Increase the volume!

– Stop your guarantees!

– Dance faster!

– Speak up!

– Lower your prices!

– Increase your value!

– Get that foolish smile off your faces!

– Turnover that shit decorated table!

– Your teeth are dirty.

– Stop trying to be humans and be, just

For them, the bandit should always die.

For them, no matter the means, provided that the end is profits.

For them, winning a war is to fight alone.

They would be crying,

if they were not laughing.

And as I can not do anything against you;

I decided to loudly cheer your requests for silence.

Jana Lauxen is 23 years old, has a degree, some addictions, a blind cat and serious intentions. She is co-editor of 3:AM Brasil and has several short stories and poetry published in anthologies, her forthcoming novel Uma Carta Por Benjamin is out in the beginning of 2009 (Multifoco).

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, December 11th, 2008.