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3:AM in the Mix

Androgynous – Jhameel

Hello Cash – Jhameel

New Some City – Jhameel

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Update: Four Questions to Jhameel

3:AM: What is your favourite word in your favourite song?
Jhameel: “Ambrosia” in the song Aphrodite encompasses some of my favorite themes. There’s an element of absolute sensation in the word, it’s the epitome of taste and smell that’s so blissful that it only belongs to the gods. It also doesn’t hurt that it just sounds pretty.
3:AM: Does your familiarity with the Arabic language influence your lyrics?
Jhameel: I think so. Arabic has really given me an appreciation for archetypes and structures. I like to have color, variety, and chaos in my music, but they all stand on firm infrastructure both musically and ideally, much like the Arabic language
3:AM: Who’s your favourite underground artist right now, and who’s your favourite mainstream artist?
Jhameel: I’ve been listening to a lot of DM Stith lately. I’m a sucker for wild sounding percussion and strings. My favorite mainstream artist is Missy Elliott. I still listen to “Work It” sometimes.
3:AM:Do you plan to tour across the USA and/or abroad in the near future?
Jhameel: Yup. I’m making a short term move to New York in the fall and plan on hitting a few small places for shows on a drive across the country. Nothing major except maybe a few festivals that I’m waiting on.

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First posted: Thursday, May 20th, 2010.

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