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“Some people say that when they are happy they sing and dance. But I say, when I sing and dance, I am happy… You have a duty to yourself to do something about your situation. So sing and dance, be happy, take a hot shower, make love, whatever… You want a cure for your unhappiness? Get yourself a lover.”

In the first of a series of new 3:AM podcasts curated by Adam Biles, Godfather of the counter-cultural underground, Jim Haynes talks about his childhood in Louisiana and Venezuela, opening the UK’s first paperback bookstore, his friendship with Henry Miller, the legendary 1962 International Writers Conference, London in the sixties, hanging out with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the demystification of sexuality and art, where the sexual revolution went wrong, founding the International Times (IT), SUCK Magazine and The Wet Dream Film Festival, travelling on a World Passport, Paris and May 1968… and – if you can believe it – much more besides. Subscribe to 3:AM‘s podcast on iTunes here, or by pasting this RSS link in your preferred podcast application.

[Jim Haynes portraits by Sarah Skinner.]

First posted: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012.

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