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What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently:

Fiction: ‘Friend Helmet’ (1) by Blake Butler, ‘Friend Helmet’ (2) by Nicolle Elizabeth

Poetry: ‘Three Poems’ by Steve Porter

Reviewed: Max Dunbar on Philippe Sands’ Torture Team & Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God, John Houghton on Anna Minton’s Ground Control & Andrew Stevens on the fiction of the decade with no name

Non-fiction: ‘Friday I’m in Love’ continues with Nick Garrard‘s musical pick & it’s a double bill this ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’, Gavin James Bower watches The Informers & Andrew Stevens Get Carter

Interviewed: Alan Kelly talks to Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai & for 3:AM Asia David F. Hoenigman to filmmaker Sion Sono:

In Japan, I’d studied normal movies. I wanted to learn B movies. I was lucky, near my apartment there was a video shop with tons of B movies and porno movies. Every day I watched around five B movies. So I learned, and I made up my mind if I go back to Japan I will make a movie just like these B movies. I hope Japanese hate me. This is a hate movie. I hope almost all people hate this movie. This title is Suicide Club. So I made it. Yes, and truly every Japanese person hates it. American people, European people, they like it.

First posted: Sunday, July 26th, 2009.

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