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3:AM Reloaded


What you (may have) missed on 3:AM this week:

Fiction by Aiden O’Reilly & Peter Cherches

Poetry by Robert J. Baumann

Reviewed: John Barker on Lula of Brazil, Richard Marshall on Stephen Barber‘s Cities of Oblivion, Charles Thomson on Gregor Muir‘s Lucky Kunst & Max Dunbar on Direct Red

Interviewed: Andrew Stevens checks in to the Love City Hotel:

I’ve been to Tokyo several times, business and pleasure. I’ve enjoyed corporate hospitality in Ginza’s finest and been splashed by some guy hosing down a jizz-encrusted grate outside a Shinbashi peep show. I’ve fought for my right to use chopsticks against two-bit hoods in a Shinjuku noodle bar at 4am. It is, to borrow the cliché, a city of contrasts and I’ve taken them all in. But you’ll usually find me in the Golden Gai when I’m there and I think that holds for Steve Finbow too, who’s also in the collection.

First posted: Saturday, February 28th, 2009.

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