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3:AM Reloaded


What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently:

Fiction: ‘The Reading’ by Alan McCormick & Jonny Voss

Non-fiction: In Japanamerica Roland Kelts wonders if this is the year Japan jumps the shark, Graham Bendel on Proxy Music (includes the definitive list of tribute band names), Alexander Trocchi is 3:AM‘s Cult Hero, what’s on Julian Gough‘s iPod?

Reviewed: Max Dunbar on Zadie Smith’s Changing My Mind & David Shield’s Reality Hunger

Poetry: ‘a poem is a city’, ‘the young man on the bus stop bench’ & ‘advice for some young man in the year 2064 A.D.’ by Charles Bukowski:

a poem is a city, a poem is a nation,
a poem is the world…

and now I stick this under glass
for the mad editor’s scrutiny,
and night is elsewhere
and faint gray ladies stand in line,
dog follows dog to estuary,
the trumpets bring on the gallows
as small men rant at things
they cannot do.

RIP J.D. Salinger, January 1, 1919 – January 27, 2010

First posted: Sunday, January 31st, 2010.

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