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What you (may have) missed on 3:AM this week:

Non-fiction: ‘Obscenity is Whatever Gives a Judge an Erection’, Charlotte Young on the Semina book launch; ‘Syntheses of Resistance & Transformation’, John-Patrick Ayson on Joseph Beuys’ I Love America.. & Harold Jaffe’s Jesus Coyote

Reviewed: Cathi Unsworth on Barry Miles’ London Calling: A Countercultural History of London since 1945; Trev HAGL on Steve Bruce’s The Best Seat in the House: A Cock Sparrer Story; Andrew Stevens on Ian Thomson’s The Dead Yard: A Story of Modern Jamaica

Interviewed: Chris Killen talks to Zachary German:

Chris Killen: Stylistically it is consistent throughout, written in a very pared-down, minimalist way – “Robert turns off the light. Robert turns on the light. (etc)” – Did you find these stylistic choices ‘trapping’ or ‘freeing’? How did you come to choose this style to write in?

Zachary German: I found that style very freeing. I am easily overwhelmed when looking at a blank Word document, and it is a lot easier if I know exactly what I’m going to write. So I can just say “This is what happens” and write that down, in a very specific format. The part I like the most is the editing I do later, where I change the word “Robert” to the word “He,” or vice versa, things like that. Having very small, specific choices seems fun.

CK: Is the character of Sam actually Tao Lin? And in Shoplifting From American Apparel, is Robert you?

ZG: Oh… it’s just a novel, Chris.

First posted: Sunday, June 27th, 2010.

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