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The Bergeracs’ Back On Crack

“Back on Crack” is the new EP from The Bergeracs. Whether or not the Blackpool boys have ever been on crack is irrelevant, but it seems that their main addiction is The Libertines. On the strength of these songs however, this is clearly no bad thing. The foursome have got that poet-punk clatter down to a tee, summoning the spirit of the much-missed boys in the band on gloriously unfussy anthems like “Coming Down” and the title track. This isn’t mere plagiarism of course; simply a good reference point. On “Breaks The Strongest Heart”, Stephen Ladley sings “I love you more than The Clash” over a 77-style rhythm section and the colourful guitar sounds of primetime Albion. Penultimate track “Wouldn’t Want To Show You” diversifies the sound a little, flexing its bass in your face while offbeat guitars establish a paranoid groove leading up to a languid solo duel between the two. It’s an ever-so-slightly dark slice of faded seaside glamour that leads nicely onto the eponymous closer. The music is bouncy indie-punk, with self-referential lyrics about “the boys from Blackpool town” (other gems from this track include “I don’t care if you are Elton John”). Then comes another of those ‘I could do more if I was arsed but it sounds quite nice like this really doesn’t it?’ guitar solos that encapsulate the spirit of this endearing movement.

Four or so years ago, the Libs created a musical Narnia for a country that had forgotten how to dream, and gave it a place to go, a special magic to feel. Now the good ship Albion may have sunk, but those dreamers aren’t leaving any time soon. The Bergeracs are among the best. Is it time for some new heroes?

Richard O’Brien was born in Peterborough in 1990, and has been trying to escape ever since. He is currently still trying to get an education, and resides in a Lincolnshire village with his parents and his labradors with nautical names. He likes to act, listen to music, and write songs that will never be sung.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, October 31st, 2006.