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3:AM Top 5: Christiana Spens


Christiana Spens, author of last year’s The Wrecking Ball, has produced a very original graphic novel entitled The Socialite Manifesto: One Day in the Life of Ivana Denisovich which comes out next month. Christiana is currently listening to:

1. “Cheap + Cheerful” — The Kills
“I’m sick of cheap and cheerful — I want expensive sadness…” Recession Ballad. Not really.
2. “Cryin’” – Aerosmith
I first listened to the song in the summer, I just loved the video with Alicia Silverstone where her bag gets stolen. And then one day, at the time I was still obsessed with the song, the same thing went and happened to me — my bag got stolen in Vienna — so despite the slight setting change, I could really relate! Also there was a boy involved in my story and hers.
3. “Yard of Blonde Girls” — Jeff Buckley
Makes me want to be blonde again, also just a great song.
4. “It Never Rains in Southern California” — Albert Hammond
I downloaded this track by mistake when I was trying to buy a song by Albert Hammond’s son… but in recent days I have been listening to it quite a lot, because apparently it does rain in Southern California, it pours and it pours, which makes me feel better about the weather here.
5. “I Need Some Sleep” — Eels
When I’m insomniac I usually end up listening to this one at some point, but I don’t know that it really makes me fall asleep, it just makes me depressed I’m not asleep yet and reminds me why I’m not.

First posted: Thursday, January 22nd, 2009.

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