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3:AM Top 5: Gavin James Bower


Along with Joe Stretch and Christiana Spens, Gavin James Bower is one of the Dark Young People, those bastard children of Fitzgerald, Ellis and Houellebecq whose subject matter is the all-consuming nightmare at the heart of the consumer dream. Dazed & Aroused, Gavin James Bower‘s highly-autobiographical debut set in the modelling world, is nothing less than a Less Than Zero for the Offbeat Generation.

Here is the young author’s Dazed & Aroused Top 5:

These are all songs that feature in the book. I also listened to them while writing. I like them all. Which helped.

1. “This Town” — Frank Sinatra
My favourite Sinatra song probably. The lyrics are perfect for Dazed & Aroused, and plagiarised accordingly.
2. “Blue Monday” — New Order
A staple of any model party or model SLASH DJ’s mixtape. Suitable for both Dalston warehouse and West End club. Which is quite impressive, when you think about it.
3. “Mr. Bojangles” — Jerry Jeff Walker (although I prefer the instrumental)
This song was played by a live band when I did my first catwalk show, for John Galliano. I habitually get it in my head and have the urge to walk in a straight line, chin down, unsmiling…
4. “Song For Clay (Disappear Here)” — Bloc Party
My not-so-subtle nod to Bret Easton Ellis and his anti-hero in Less Than Zero, which, incidentally, is my favourite novel.
5. “When You Were Young (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Remix)” — The Killers
This song is playing during my favourite scene in the book, when Alex is captivated by Frankie on a crowded dancefloor. I first heard it watching the Victoria’s Secret show on YouTube. For, um, research…

First posted: Friday, June 19th, 2009.

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