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3:AM Top 5: Nik Perring


Nik Perring is a writer from the north west. His short stories have been published widely, including 3:AM, SmokeLong Quarterly and Word Riot. Not So Perfect, a collection of 22 short, short stories will be published by Roast Books in June. The last five songs Nik has been listening to are:

1. ‘Edward is Dedward’ – Emmy The Great
“A recent discovery courtesy of Last FM. Deceptively simple and wonderfully catchy with some of the most moving words I’ve heard in a long, long while.
2. ‘Nitrogen Pink’ – Polly Scattergood
I’ve loved Polly’s album since I bought it at the end of last year. Nitrogen Pinkss just brilliant and seems to generate a wonderful, swelling energy of its own. It speeds up a few times as well. I love that.
3. ‘Buried in Teeth’ – Mariee Sioux
About as perfect a song as you’ll find, in my humble opinion. Dreamlike and beautiful.
4. ‘We Are the Pigs’ – Suede
I’ve loved this for about fourteen years. It’s anthemic and bold and superbly crafted. Dog Man Star was, I think, the first record I loved. This particular track contains a moment of guitar perfection.
5. ‘Five Years’ – David Bowie
Another old favourite. I love that this is a story. In fact I love it so much that I wrote a story based on it as a humble sort of tribute.

And though not technically one of the last five I listened to I’ve been listening to Suede‘s ‘To The Birds’ an awful lot of late since discovering the live version from Love and Poison is up on Youtube. I think it’s better than the one on the record because of Brett’s whooping at the end.

First posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010.

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